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Russia delivers 3rd aid shipment to Donetsk

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Russia has announced it has delivered a third shipment of aid to eastern Ukraine where government troops are engaged in fighting with pro-Russia forces.

The Russian Emergency Ministry stated on Friday that a convoy of nearly 200 vehicles carrying some 2,000 tons of cereals, canned food, generators, medicine, warm clothes, and bottled water has been unloaded in the city of Donetsk.

The convoy of trucks, however, crossed a border checkpoint in the Rostov region without Kiev’s authorization.

This is while Russian authorities stated that they had repeatedly offered to allow the Ukrainian border guards to check the vehicles on the border, but the guards declined to do so without any apparent reason.

The authorities further added that the trucks have started unloading the relief aid in two of the city’s storehouses.

Russia’s first humanitarian convoy was sent to Ukraine’s eastern city of Lugansk in August and the second one delivered goods to the region just last week.

On both occasions Kiev reportedly refused to clear the cargoes, alleging that Russia invaded Ukraine. Moscow in turn accused the Ukrainian authorities of deliberately stalling the relief missions.

While Kiev says the aid shipments for pro-Russia held regions are provocative and must be halted, Moscow insists that people in the conflict zone are in dire need of supplies.

Meanwhile, deputy Head of Russia’s Emergency Service Vladimir Stepanov said on Wednesday that Russian authorities will continue delivering humanitarian aid to cities in eastern Ukraine.

“In Russia, [we] are continuing to collect humanitarian aid and form volunteers’ brigades,” he said.

The development comes as the situation in the city of Donetsk remains unstable despite the ceasefire deal reached by Kiev and pro-Russia forces, said a Friday statement issued by the Donetsk city council.


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