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New Car Exhaust Attachment Eliminates Emissions to Zero, No More Taxes?

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The carbon dioxide from car exhausts is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, which allegedly also leads to the greenhouse effect and contributes to the so-called global warming hoax… even though it has been proven real scientists (instead of “specialists” such as Al Gore) that the one and only who dictates the temperatures on Earth is the Sun and only the Sun.

CO2tube is a new and interesting idea aimed to making the world a better place to live by reducing the CO2 emissions and to make its inventor filthy rich of course. Up for public funding on Kickstarter, the CO2tube technology sounds like it could work, but only real-life, large-scale testing could prove this.

The CO2tube is basically a bio-filter attachment to the end of the exhaust canister. Derived from the bioreactor technologies, this filter contains selected algae which feed on CO2: the biochemical process turns CO2 into seemingly harmless components. The creators of the CO2tube say their method is superior to other carbon capturing technologies because the carbon is not released back into the environment.

These filters can be used for 8 to 10 weeks, according to Param Jaggi, the inventor of the CO2tube, but no figures in terms of driving distance are provided yet. In case the technology works, we might be looking at yet another way to keep the planet clean but will the elitist globalists cut all taxes to zero?

Normally since Western governments are so interested in pollution reduction and applying all these huge taxes on cars and taxes are now included even in the gasoline price itself, they should cut all taxes to zero for people who use these tubes or other similar methods of reducing emissions to zero, but then again no politician (except for Green loonies) really cares about the so-called global warming, simply because there is no global warming, in fact in recent years (2013-2014) Earth has cooled like never before. Polar bear populations are rising, ice caps are larger than ever, etc.

West would never implement the CO2tube simply because that would mean loosing billions of Dollars in taxes each and every year. They could probably implement zero pollution methods but then again first they have to figure a way to tax those too so that the cash can keep flowing.

The CO2ube is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where it’ll cost you $35 to get one. The filter needs to be replaced every 8 to 10 weeks, so you might want to take the plunge and pledge $500 to get a year’s supply of the filters in case you wanna go green and pay both for these filters, plus taxes to your government.

Until then there are a lot of ifs here, but the guy deserves a big hand for thinking about such a device.

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