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Attorney General Eric Holder To Step Down

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Eric Holder will announce his resignation as U.S. attorney general today, according to officials within the Justice Department.

Holder will remain at the position, which he has held for six years, until his successor is confirmed.

Holder’s tenure, which included attempts to dismantle the Second Amendment through Operation Fast and Furious and Operation Choke Point, was plagued with controversy and scandal.

Whether it be protecting big banks, attacking the Second Amendment or helping to cover up illegal activity in the IRS, Holder’s crimes are countless in number.


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One Response to " Attorney General Eric Holder To Step Down "

  1. Carla Margolis says:

    I am an American, and while certainly no fan of Eric Holder, especially with regard to his failure to take out big banks, the statements made about his “attack on the second amendment” and “covering up illegal activities of the IRS” are not backed up by your reporter and are actually false statements. I’m a bit disgusted. This is sloppy journalism.

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