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18 year-old white teen killed by police, media and UN silent

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Police fired 24 rounds at unarmed 18 year old, apparently to prevent him from committing suicide. Media doesn’t care because he is white.

In Ottawa, Kansas, at least eight police officers fired 24 rounds at Joseph Jennings. He was riddled with bullets and killed. Family members say at least two shots hit him in the back. At the same time police held back his parents who screamed “don’t shoot.” Family members say fourteen officers were involved, and that Jennings was completely unarmed.

The purpose of the shooting was apparently to prevent Jennings from committing suicide with a drug overdose. So they “helped” him by shooting him 24 times! What ever happened to those good old tasers who would have been perfect in this situation?

This has only received local coverage. Why is the national media completely ignoring this, when they have given Mike Brown round the clock national coverage for two weeks?

If Joseph Jennings had been black, an army of media vans would be racing from Ferguson to Ottawa right now. Where’s the protests, the riots, the lootings? No one cares about whites anymore?

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