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US threatens Russia with military action over Ukraine

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US Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove has threatened Russia with military response should Moscow secretly send forces with or without military uniform into Ukraine.

“If NATO sees foreign forces infiltrating its sovereign territory, and if we can prove it comes from an aggressor nation then that’s Article five,” Gen. Breedlove said.

“That means a military response to the actions of the aggressor. Therefore, we have to expand the internal national capabilities to identify such a move and to deal with it.”

The top military commander of NATO and commander of US European Command issued the warning in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt.

He also noted that NATO must take into account Russian actions in Ukraine as it prepares for future threats.

Washington accuses Moscow of arming pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and dispatching Russian military personnel to the country. However, the Kremlin denied the allegation.

Gen. Breedlove said NATO must be ready to counter such unconventional tactics.

“The most important thing is that NATO nations are prepared for the so-called little green men,” he said. “We’ve seen this in eastern Ukraine … And there is a danger that it also could happen in other East European states. Therefore, we have to train the police and army there in such a way that they can deal with this kind of challenge.”

On Friday, the US warned Russia over what it calls “extremely dangerous and provocative” efforts to destabilize Ukraine.

The US National Security Council warned of an escalation in the crisis after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claimed that his military had destroyed a Russian military convoy that had ventured into Ukraine. Moscow has dismissed the allegation as “fantasies.”

“We reiterate our concern about repeated Russian and Russian-supported incursions into Ukraine,” NSC spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said.

“Russia has no right to send vehicles, persons, or cargo of any kind into Ukraine, under any pretext, without the government of Ukraine’s permission.”


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  • Defiant

    Ukraine is not in NATO so article V is irrelevant in this case, aside from that US. mercs are fighting alongside nazis from kiev since day one probably, thats public info by the way.
    That guy has nerves after an orchestrated coup in kiev wich topled a democratically elected govt and pres they put a bunch of nazi faggots and a willie wonka wannabe porky senko in power.
    Breedlove?lol, from where do these trolls actually come from? Dr.Strangelove, dont poke the bear, you couldnt fight your way out of a wet paper bag, that all wouldnt have happaned if there is not a US backed coup in kiev operation gladio style,the EU was against it, but remember the phone call of nullandistan where she said “fuck the EU” we switch in to high gear, now thousands are dead, many of them civilians and bidens son has a high ranking position at the biggest ukrainan gas company, hm.

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    • joehook6432

      You have it PERFECT! NWO NATO want war. War= $$$$. They believe they can win. Out of chaos comes ‘order’.
      Propaganda trying to get people to believe Russia shot plane down.
      USA and ALL NATO take orders from ‘men behind the curtain’. …Hmmm..catholic Jesuits, Pope????

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      Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)
      • Jost Fritz

        Who are exactly those guyes who fight in eastern Ukrine! Who is exactly behind the all the trouble? It might be well be the Jews Khazars and why not The Jesuit plack Pope ??!! Dare to think about

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  • manuel jimenez

    I’m really shocked,how much more is the Russian Establishment prepared to take in order to give this “mouthpiece” a firm answer to their threats.
    I know that, the stakes are high, but, delaying the inevitable….is it going to help? On the other side, NATO and Co. are determined to “brake the spine” of Russia, and they are thinking what everybody else is thinking, only a nuclear response can save some parts of Russia, so why wait? Economically they will not stand the pressure too many banks involved.

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  • Al

    The General is full of it. He claim that Russia is trying to destabilize Ukraine. Needless to say Ukraine is not stable and have not been so since the U.S. coup, thus they are the ones responsible for destabilizing Ukraine. Very dangerous indeed, making threats based on a lies.

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  • nick

    Since when generals dictating polititians

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  • skreamer

    WTF are Americans doing there anyway? ….again……..always like a little bitch sticking its nose into anyone’s business they think they can profit on!
    America strangely behaves like Israel!….hhhmmmmm…yes!….”puts hands on hips”.
    USI… united states of israel.

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