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Greek MEP Files Lawsuit Against Greek Chief Of Police

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The Samaras regime takes corruption a step further today…

MEP for the Golden Dawn, Giorgos Epitideios filed a lawsuit against the Chief of E.L.A.S. (Greek Police) due to the illegal detainment of members in police headquarters, abuse of power and preventing legitimate activity of a legal political party.

The data that justifies these complaints are as follows:

The distribution of leaflets about the persecution of Golden Dawn is not an illegal act, it is a legitimate political activity of a legal political party.

Individuals who distributed leaflets did not litter in the area because they handed flyers directly to people and did not leave them in the street.

Individuals who distributed leaflets were not hindering foot traffic since they were scattered around the area and not concentrated in one spot.

There were no complaints reported by tourists, nor did the local shop owners report obstruction of their businesses. Thus, there was no disturbance of public order.

The act does not give someone the right to assume that there was a suspicion of unlawful action or any criminal offense.

They all had with them their identity cards so even if the police wanted to confirm their details, identifying them could easily be made by simply comparing the identity of the person to the ID card.

The content of the leaflets was for information purposes only and not aimed at being offensive towards the readers.


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