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World Of Tanks brings you the "joy" of In-App Purchases on Windows PC

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World Of Tanks is a PC-only (at least for now) video game which brings you the “joy” of In-App Purchases. Now you can easily spend thousands of dollars on an endless game which you will eventually stop playing and realize how stupid you were when you spent so much money just for a game.

World Of Tanks is a MMO Action game produced in Belarus by Wargaming.net which features World War 2 tanks, both real and prototypes which never saw the light. In this game, each player controls one single tank at a time and can choose to join multiple countries at once and research their tanks, artilleries and tank destroyers.

Basically you start with ancient World War 1 light tanks which are of Tier 1 (Level 1) and you fight your way up so you can reach Tier 10 (Level 10) which is maximum. You hit the “Battle” button and this “wonderful” thing called by WOT creators “MatchMaker” will randomly place you in a team of 15 members. When you’re at Tier 1 you will fight only with Tier 1 tanks and that will make your experience fun but as soon as you start to upgrade your tank’s cannon or engine or anything for that matter, you will be moved in with tanks as high as Tier 3 which you stand absolutely NO chance in winning against them. Of course there are gonna be a few other Tier 1 suckers on both teams so that those who are Tier 3 could have a wonderful time hunting you down… and that’s where the problems start with World Of Tanks.

The whole concept for this game is quite good but the problem is that it uses In-App Purchases which are extremely greedy and because of this the developers invented meticulous ways for stealing your cash such as making you always battling superior enemies which you will rarely be able to defeat most of the times due to pure luck rather than any gaming skills whatsoever. This game is all about the money, you can be the best gamer ever in Unreal Tournament, Quake, Call of Duty or whatever other shooting games but your shooting skills won’t do sh… in WOT, unless you pay some money to upgrade this and that and then you will have to spend again, and again and again. There have been some reports of some idiot kids with retarded parents who allowed them to spend as much as $1000 on WOT! Imagine that! Games used to cost anywhere from $10 to $50. On some really rare situations you would have games as much as $100, but $1000? Of course no one forces you to buy any gold coins in WOT yet if you are a rich dumb idiot, you will spend maybe even more if you want to be at the top.

In-App Purchases are prominent mostly on smartphone platforms such as Android and IOS and it has earned some developers tons of cash by scamming little children whose parents either knowingly or accidentally left their Credit Card info connected with Google Play Store. And now this “wonderful” smartphone IAP gaming scam seems to want to enter the professional PC gaming industry as well. As usual, it mostly originates in the primitive backwards East with poor people having wet dreams of getting rich over night. In most cases it even works because the West is filled with gullible morons who easily fall prey to these scams.

For computers this actually something quite new. World of Tanks and its main competitor War Thunder which is also Eastern, more specifically Russian, both charge IAPs but they are only 2 in a vast sea of Eastern games that try to take advantage of gamers with IAPs.

World Of Tanks is mostly trying to force its users to buy gold by placing the players who didn’t spend money along with other players who spent money and are of higher levels. This results in a low “win rate” and of course some other players bragging about their payed high win rates during the game by using the chat option.

After that WOT is also trying to make you spend money by giving you too little XP and requiring too much time to actually advance in game. This may result in frustration and some players will pay money to earn some gold that they can convert into Free Experience. Shortly after doing that and advancing a tier or buying only a canon, the user realizes that it has gone back to slow advancing and that virtually it has been scammed… or maybe most don’t realize that because as soon as they are done with their first investment, they will do their second and their third and so on, ending up with hundreds of dollars spent on a freaking useless game.

Others who want to progress faster in game, they can buy Premium so they can earn an extra 50% XP and Silver. This does help a bit, especially when you are of higher tiers. At least you will be able to maintain your tank with what you earn.

For example at Tier 8 and higher, if you lose a match, you will earn less then what it will cost to repair your damaged tank and bullet reffil. What is this not a trick to make you spend real money in exchange for fake money.

Remember the epic World Of Warcraft virginity joke? Imagine that World Of Tanks is twice as worse as WOW.

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