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World biggest aquatic insect found in China

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Experts have reported the discovery in southern China of the world’s yet-biggest aquatic insect, which has been found to be a giant dobsonfly.

The specimen, discovered in China’s Sichuan Province, has been described as having long teeth and fearsome pincers.

So far also spotted elsewhere in China, as well as in northern Vietnam, and India’s Assam state, the largest one of the insects has been reported to have a 21-centimeter-long (8.27-inches-long) wingspan.

The previous record belongs to a South American helicopter damselfly, which had a wingspan of 19.1 centimeters (7.5 inches).

The newly-discovered insect is subsumed under the Megaloptera order.

Writing on the discovery, Bec Crew from Scientific American has said, “Just as this new find is so far pretty mysterious, members of Megaloptera are also fairly poorly known. As larvae, they spend all of their time in the water, only venturing out once it’s time to pupate and become adults. While they’re usually found in clean, clear streams, rivers, swamps, ponds and lakes, they’re also perfectly capable of sustaining themselves in muddy and polluted water, which makes them extra hard to spot.”


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