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Vatican requests study of 1500 year-old Bible found in Turkey

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The Vatican is deeply worried over a 1,500-year-old Bible found in Turkey.

The Vatican is deeply concerned over a 1500-year-old Bible which was found in Turkey and rejects the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Vatican authorities have called on the Turkish government to allow its experts to examine the content of the book, which was discovered and kept secret in Turkey in 2000.

Reports say the Turkish government has transferred the book to the Ethnography Museum of Ankara with a police escort.

Ankara said that the Bible had been snatched from a mob of smugglers in a Mediterranean region operation.

The book contains the Gospel of Barnabas, a disciple of Christ, and says that Jesus had not been crucified but ascended to heaven alive. St. Barnabas was an early Christian and is traditionally identified as the founder of the Cypriot Church.

It also says Jesus was not the son of God but a prophet who spoke the word of God, calling Apostle Paul “The Impostor”.

The text maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity. The ancient book also foresees the coming of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

It is hand written in Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic, which is said to be the native language of Jesus Christ. Some experts and religious figures believe that the book is original, according to reports.


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  • Nasser

    Finally the truth is appearing.

    • recalcitrant

      You sold your soul cheaply Nasser. Shame on you. Throw a shoe at yourself!

  • B0MB3RM4N

    well, this book is a perfect tool for concocting a one world religion

    • recalcitrant


  • At Last

    That’s why Islam came… to correct this deviation from the truth… That’s exactly what Islam is saying. Jesus is prophet of God and not Son of God, or God.

  • At Last the Truth is revealed

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are all religions from God, all religions are same starting from Adam and going through Noah, Abraham…. they all call for one thing: There is only One God and only, Creator of the Universe, the Omnipotent, the most Merciful. God keep sending prophets when people deviate from the truth. That’s why Christianity came after Judaism, and Islam came after Christianity. Christianity came to correct the jews who deviated from their own religion… then Islam came to correct Christianity who deviated from their own religion. Christians became so infatuated by Jesus’ miracles, that some of them started to believe he was Son of God and others even believed he was God, rather than a prophet of God. Islam came to correct this.

  • The Truth

    Wish they can just scan it and make it available for everyone to read.

    • fair_play

      You wish the can share it, ha? Why don’t you ask Vatican the same question. Those pedos have more archive then anyone in the world and they won’t let anyone see one bit of it. Christianity have lied to their own people for centuries and made them believe all sorts of things.

      Now someone else holds the key and will change the history again >:)

    • recalcitrant

      You plainly don’t let the truth get in the way of a wishful story.

    • Gershom

      I, too, hope they scan it and provide it online. I read Syriac and am anxious to be able to dig into it. Excellent idea. Let us make up our own minds…

  • recalcitrant

    Way beyond dubious. . .fraud that could only dupe Muslims and Jesuit Black Pope’s.

  • Jibril

    Nothing new in fact in this EUtimes news! It is just a repetition of press articles from 2012:



    Check also: http://www.barnabas.net where you can find all the 222 chapters of the so called “Barnabas Gospel.”

  • Sounds authentic to a degree. The Dead Sea Scrolls Pesherim call Paul “the Spouter of Lying”.

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    Shpsknwsvrxpnsvsscrcscrbsddntspcthwrdsndwrtnlthcnsnntstcmpcttxtswhtttllmbgsndncmprhnsblgbbldgkthwrt! 1)
    Try to copy this text in the style of scribes (no vowel), without making any error: very difficult, is’nt it?
    Bible was invented by prophets, hand written by scribes (no vowel), miscopied, mistranslated, thousand times.
    So actual Bible is a fable, full of errors and omissions: Noah’s boat was built in hundred lunar month, not hundred years. Noah lived 950 lunar month, not 950 years. Noah invented the glulam technology, gluing equatorial wood (without seasonal rings) with asphalt, and riveting Ark’s big curved timbers together with big Titan-Aluminium alloy rivets he only knew how to produce. Writing on clay was not yet invented, so Noah’s technologies have disappeared with Noah’s death. But the petrified Noah’s ark prove us he mastered these technologies! Noah’s flood was not only a heavy rain, but essentially a 2 km thick tide, due to an external free dwarf planet falling straight into the sun, and passing only some thousand km away from our north pole. This 2 km thick tide transported Noah’s boat from south Mesopotamia to the hills near Mount Ararat, at 2 km altitude. A not short travel. Noah’s “hitherto unknown rainbow” was indeed a very powerful aurora borealis, red and green, days after the free dwarf planet had finally fallen into the sun. During the long duration of the 2 km tide, the salt water melted the glaciation ice on all north continents, and, when the 2 km thick tide came back, the sea level was risen 20 meters. Sea level was -110m before flood and -90m after flood. All corals worldwide between -110m an -90m depth have exactly the same Carbon14 age: 14’600 years before present: the likely age of actual petrified Noah’s ark near Mount Ararat Turkey. Scientists tried in 1960 to destroy Noah’s ark with dynamite! Ron Wyatt investigated Noah’s Ark scientifically. Scientists stole everything they could to eliminate every proof that Noah ever existed. You can see Noah’s ark at 39°26’26.3″N 44°14’05.3″E on Google maps, satellite vision. It’s not a hoax. Even if Bible is more a fabulous fable then real history, the science allow us to imagine what probably happened! Bible is so full of contradictions that we must confront it to the historical facts to reconstruct what really happened behind the Bible fables.
    Jesus Christ death: the moon was red (full moon exactly in the shadow of earth), so that earth was maximum torn apart. So an earthquake, Richter 8, (30’000 death…) happened at the exact moment when Christ swoon unconscious. The roman soldiers disappeared immediately to save their comrades, and Christ was quickly put into the shrine: no medical examiner. History teach us the Jerusalem earthquake happened on friday 3 April +33. Then an aftershock happened on monday 6 April +33, rolled the stone open, and Christ, alive, quitted the tomb. Miraculously, Christ let us a selfie of himself on his holy shroud, and you can see Christ on the negative of the photo of the holy shroud. Look on Google pictures “holy shroud”, and compare Christ with a black and white photo of king Abdullah, 90 years old: Christ looks older then Abdullah! Once again, the real history allow us to reconstruct the reality behind the Bible fables: We know there was 3 persian astrologers: they saw a fantastic new star, able to indicate, with an arrow, a direction to follow. A terrific star capable of “stopping”, at least 1 minute, at the exact second when the 3 astrologers passed by Jesus Christ manger: a near comet passing suddenly at least 1 minute into earth shadow (comet total eclipse). Any supernova would never have “stopped” in one minute. A gamma ray burst could have disappeared into one minute, but would never have lasted long enough for a long journey from Persia to Jerusalem. A planet conjunction could never have stopped for 1 minute, and the 3 astrologers would never have thought that a planet conjunction was rare. Jesus Christ birth is known to have happened a 7 January. And it must have happened in the very beginning of a roman census year (-48, -43, -38, -33, -28, -23, -18, 13, -8, -3), because it took many month to transmit all census results to Rome through mare nostrum, so every census counting in Bethlehem must have started in january. And there must be somewhere 3 new kings, because the 3 persian astrologers, (their bones are now in Kölner Dom), are NOT kings, but astrologers: history untangles Bible lies! Solution of the quiz: it was C/-43K1, the greatest historical Comet. The 3 kings are Caesar Augustus (Octavius), Marc-Antoine, and Lepidus, that the roman senate choose just after Julius Caesar death in mars -44. These 3 kings were crowned just after the roman census of -43. Now go on google pictures and type: Caesar comet coin. On this coin, you will see Caesar Augustus and the “DIVUS IULIUS” comet. When Jesus Christ saw this coin, he said: give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, AND TO GOD WHAT BELONGS TO GOD. It means that C/-43K1 belongs to God and NOT to Julius Caesar: C/-43K1 has been sent to earth for announcing worldwide that Jesus Christ was born, and NOT for announcing worldwide that Julius Caesar soul was now God the father! Now imagine that C/-43K1 have loosed a small part, and that part exploded just above the manger, and thousands pieces of dirty ice whistled around the manger: you understand how the shepherds could see thousand white angels in the sky, whistling of joy after Jesus Christ birth…
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    1) Sheepskin was very expensive, so scarce scribes did not space the words and wrote only the consonants to compact texts. What a totally ambiguous and incomprehensible gobbledygook they wrote!

    Bible fables, historical facts, Google, Wikipedia, La vie quotidienne au temps de Jésus, Miriam Feinberg-Vamosh, Editions LLB-France.

  • susanne

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