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UK to seek tighter bans on Russia

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The UK will tighten sanctions against Russia if Moscow does not help in investigating a Malaysian airliner crash in Ukraine, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said.

On July 17, Malaysian Airline flight MH17, which was travelling to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, crashed, killing all 298 people on board. There is speculation that the Boeing 777 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile while flying 33,000 feet over Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

Emergency workers say they have found 196 bodies at the crash site. Ten Britons were among those killed in the incident.

In an interview with the state-run BBC on Sunday, Hammond said Britain would seek to persuade the European Union “to go further in terms of sanctions” unless Moscow’s position on the Malaysian Airlines crash changes.

The British secretary also urged Moscow to put pressure on pro-Russia forces in east Ukraine to allow more access to the crash site, adding that Russia had allegedly done nothing to facilitate the investigation.

“What we need is full Russian cooperation… they [Russian authorities] must use their influence to allow international access to the site to secure the evidence and secure respect for the bodies and the possessions of the victims,” Hammond said.

His comments echoed British Prime Minister David Cameron who said Moscow should be held accountable if it is confirmed that the Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile fired from a position controlled by pro-Russians in east Ukraine.

Ukraine and its Western allies have laid the blame on pro-Russians in the east of the country, who have denied any involvement. Kiev also pointed the blaming finger at Moscow for helping pro-Russia forces destroy evidence at the crash site.

The EU and the US have imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine in recent months.

Moscow, however, has stressed that the sanctions will not change its stance on Ukraine.


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One Response to " UK to seek tighter bans on Russia "

  1. Defiant says:

    Fuckin brainwashed nazis especially the UK, their politicians are a lapdog to the US. they couldnt wipe their asses without assistance and a cup of earl grey.
    The US. has collapsed financially and also socially they run massmurdering al-cia-da and isis who rapes tortures and kills man woman and children especially christians, jews ans shias but on ocassion everybody else, they arm them with heavy weapons, 50.cal sniper rifles, anti tank missiles, mortars, artillery everything a regular army has except nukes and jetfighters, they train them in many places like Jordan.
    Brics countries are on the rise they are doing well economically and also lift each other up with the EU., with the dying dollar on lifesupport(QE unlimited) the US. needed a crysis to break up that new alliance of prosperity and bring distrust and war in its place they put nazis in power in ukraine via a coup(google nazi maidan leader, nazi maidan) they are running the genocide with cia, blackwater and greystone and a bunch of other psychos who kill the civilian population, no one mentions that but everybody calls Russia the bad guy? How is that again?
    The US. has 1000military bases in 160 countries,it orhestrated countless coups and revolutions in the last 100 years killing millions and destabilizing whole continents:search the terms:banana republics united fruit company, contras, vietnam, Iraq, afghanistan multiple times, Iran,(operation northwoods, operation gladio,operation paperclip, gulf of tonkin incident, bombing of the USS Liberty) the list goes on and on, who benefits from that crysis? Its only the US. to push its fake federal reserve notes aka petro dollar a few more block down the road before it collapses due to greedy banksters and the power elite who basically wants to depopulate the planet thats their endgame everything they do is against Humanity and Humans they work for the devil and if you cant see that they already got you brainwashed, think out of the box, like free Man used to, the US wasnt grounded on socialism, fascism, nazism or banksters it was grounded on individualism and freedom, Cheers.
    In that story the Russians are the good guys they fight against nazis and islamic psychos like they always did meanwhile the US. aids them, the grounding fathers and the boys from D-Day are rotating in their graves.
    Do you really want that along with NDAA, the reinforced Patriot Act, police state, police brutality,militarized police, TSA, VIPR teams, nsa wiretappings 24\7 on the whole planet US included, 60mil without health care, 100mil on food stamps, 17 trill foreign debt and another 130trill domestic,when will you guys wake up?

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