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Snowden Documents Dump Will Prevent July War

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According to John Young and Cryptome Snowden documents rumored to be released this month will prevent a war planned by the United States.

The tweet seems to suggest this will happen around the time the globalist Aspen Institute holds its annual Security Forum. The event will feature former NSA directors Keith Alexander and Michael Hayden.

Cryptome also mentions the biannual Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) event in New York City that kicks off on July 18.

“We look forward to continuing to aid and abet release of carefully orchestrated disclosures of sensitive and classified material,” Young told Eric Markowitz, a reporter for Vocativ, in an email dated June 30.

“Snowden documents will be released in July. If the contending parties have their way, all of the documents will be released to kickstart the war on terrorism, in Iraq, in Iran, in North Korea, in the Holy Land, across Africa, Caribbean Drug Sea, the US-Mexican border, and the areas of operations always on alert in DC, Fort Meade and Colorado Springs,” Young said.

John Young was elusive about the release, but said Cryptome will not publish the 57,000 to 1.7 million documents taken from the NSA.

“Given that only a few people are known to have access to the documents Snowden took from the NSA, it is believed that journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras may be involved in the release of the information. However, neither Greenwald, nor Poitras has confirmed or denied any involvement in the July release,” writes Katie Rucke for MintPress News.

Two of the most likely candidates for increased tension are Iraq and the U.S. border, both mentioned by John Young in his email.


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