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Hillary Clinton says Putin is guilty for the MH17 tragedy in Ukraine

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Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton says Russian President Vladimir Putin bears responsibility for the crash of the Malaysian passenger plane.

“I think if there were any doubt it should be gone by now, that Vladimir Putin, certainly indirectly through his support of the insurgents in eastern Ukraine and the supply of advanced weapons and, frankly, the presence of Russian Special Forces and intelligence agents bears responsibility for what happened,” she said in an interview with CNN that will air on Sunday.

The plane was shot down last week in eastern Ukraine and nearly 300 people on board were killed.

The United States has accused pro-Russian forces in Ukraine of shooting down the Malaysian plane. However, Moscow has denied the allegation.

President Barack Obama has repeatedly threatened Russia with more sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine.

The Obama administration has been pressing the European Union to ratchet up economic sanctions on Russia.

“We have to up the sanctions that are required. The United States has continued to move forward on that, Europe has been reluctant,” Clinton said.

“They need to understand they must stand up to Vladimir Putin.”

She also noted that Putin “has a strategic plan in mind, the Eurasian Union, which would be in competition to Europe.”

“His continuing efforts to intimidate Europeans — not just through energy, but through interfering in elections, putting money behind buying press outlets in European countries … trying to discourage countries like Ukraine being able to join the European Union,” she claimed.

“And if the United States and Europe don’t present a united front, I think Putin is the kind of man who will go as far as he can get away with. I think he is still smart enough and cautious enough to be pushed back. But there has to be a push in order to make that happen.”


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2 Responses to " Hillary Clinton says Putin is guilty for the MH17 tragedy in Ukraine "

  1. Defiant says:

    How many people were “arkansized” by the clinton family over the years?
    She openly cheerd and aided al-cia-da in Lybia we know what happened after that, a genocide sponsored by the US. the same in Syria, or Somalia, Niger, Ethiopia with boko haram the list goes on.
    More than probably ukrainans shot down the plane to blame it on Russia trying to pull in NATO,Russia sent its radar telemetry from 7 different radar installations to the EU wich show no missiles but an ukrainan Su-25 flanking the airliner before it crashed, meanwhile they genociding their own people, look up the videos on liveleak:ukraine
    google maidan nazis or maidan nazi leader they run the show with the cia.Shame on you.

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  2. Defiant says:

    They US. is broke and on the brink of collapse like the Soviet-Union was in the end of the 80’s overstreched and exhausted, 17 trill foreign debt another 130trill domestic, 60mil without healthcare, 100mil on foodstamps failing infratructre,police state,police brutality, militarized police, checkpoints,TSA, VIPR teams,endless wiretapping, wars and proxy wars, supporting terrorsits, NDAA, reinforced Patriot Act, QE unlimited the list goes on, americans who dont travel think that they are advanced but when they make a trip through Europe they realize we are around 50 years ahead infrastructre and tech wise,Russia is also more advanced then them for example their train system.

    So the EU got along with Russia pretty well the ties were friendly thats wasnt good for the US., EU is a competition, Russia is also competition for the US and if they would work together the US. would be downgraded to a wannabe superpower third world country, so they came up with a plan to break up that friendly partnership and use the EU as a battering ram against Russia, weakening both economies at the same time while they can kick the fake federal reserve note aka petro dollar down the road a few more blocks, that simple, unfortunately most EU leader are either dumb and dont recognize that or are paid and bought others are too small to have any influance, it also riscs a WWIII scenario, they are crazy or serving the devil maybe both, many people are awake and watching them question is will that be enough?,spread the word.

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