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European Union agrees on tougher Russia sanctions

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European Union (EU) foreign ministers have agreed on imposing tougher sanctions against Russian entities and individuals nearly one week after the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, the ministers agreed to draft a new list of Russian entities and individuals by July 24 to be added to the 63 names already targeted by sanctions.

The 28-member bloc says that the new sanctions will target Moscow’s financial and defense sectors.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 went down on July 17 in the volatile Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine while en route from the Dutch city of Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing all 298 passengers and crew members on board.

Western powers are accusing pro-Russia protesters of having shot down the civilian airliner. The pro-Russians deny any involvement in the tragedy and, in turn, accuse Kiev of being responsible for the plane’s crash.

Moscow has argued that there is no evidence available to prove that the pro-Russians were involved in the incident.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that new sanctions against Moscow by the US would hurt bilateral ties and Washington’s own interests.

In April, Ukraine launched military operations in the country’s eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk to quell the pro-Russia protests there. Violence intensified one month later after the two flashpoint regions held local referendums, in which their residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine last year, the United States and the EU have imposed sanctions on numerous Russian officials for what they perceive as Moscow’s refusal to ease tensions in Ukraine.


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2 Responses to " European Union agrees on tougher Russia sanctions "

  1. Defiant says:

    The idiotic EU cant grasp the fact that the US is using Europe as a battering ram against Russia to disrupt relations and put sanctions on Russia wich alone is an act of war, its not good for Europe or for Russia weakening both economies, its only good for tha failing US. to mask the collapse of the federal reserve note aka petro dollar, that way it can push its ponze sceam down the road a few more block, pathetic,EU leaders especially from the UK are comitting high treason against the EU, fuckin chicken hawks, people know the truth, WE SEE YOU!!
    You wont pull off WWIII like you did WWII.
    The US. is funding al-cia-da\isis and nazis in ukraine, maidan nazis, maidan leader a nazi just look it up.
    These people train, finance and aid massmurderers who rape torture and kill man woman and children all over the world!
    Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Ukraine, the list goes on and they try to pull another BS false flag? after 911 and fake Syrian chemical attack wich they said was a 100% the fault of Assad than it came out by UN and EU forensic teams that it was the rebels(al-cia-da), shame on you and everbody who aids these massmurderes, the US. govt and banskters would drag the world into WWIII into the abyss just to not lose their fake nazi empire.
    Operation paperclip wasnt that good of an idea afterall, nazis just relocated themselves from Germany to the US. the founding fathers and WWII vets are rotating in their graves right now, God help us all, may he protect Humanity from these demons.

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  2. manuel jimenez says:

    I’m just puzzle with the European Union. Is Europe an independent entity at all? Does the Israeli Lobby dictate the European Union foreign policy as it does in the U.S?
    What type of “puppets” are our representatives?
    These are just a bunch of liars with a big salary but they do not represent the people of Europe at all, they represent the interest of the Israeli regime.

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