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Chinese state owned CCTV calls iPhones "national security threat"

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Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has called a location service offered by iPhone handsets, a threat to the country’s national security.

The broadcaster attacked the device’s Frequent Locations function for allowing users to be tracked and information about them revealed.

The critical broadcast featured an interview with Ma Ding, director of the Institute for Security of the Internet at People’s Public Security University in Beijing.

If used against a journalist, the academic said, “One can deduce places he visited, the sites where he conducted interviews, and you can even see the topics which he is working on: political and economic.”

Apple, however, said it does not track users’ locations.

It said, “We appreciate CCTV’s effort to help educate customers on a topic we think is very important. We want to make sure all of our customers in China are clear about what we do and we don’t do when it comes to privacy and your personal data.”

Chinese state media have accused the company of providing user data to US intelligence agencies and have called for ‘severe punishment.’


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