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World's first Quantum Computer plays host to Quantum Physics Activity

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The world’s alleged first quantum computer has, according to scientists, managed to play host to an important quantum physics activity.

D-Wave, as the computer has been named, draws upon radical new physics to attack mathematical quandaries, and is alleged by the Canadian company’s executives to be the first practical quantum computer.

The quantum physics activity is called entanglement, which is necessary to bring qubits or information units in a quantum system in synchrony.

Google teamed up with NASA last August to obtain a D-Wave computer, which sports a unique computer chip based on tiny loops of niobium wire.

Referring to the quantum physics activity, which allegedly plays out in a D-Wave computer, Dr Colin Williams, director of business development at D-Wave, said, “…this is the largest demonstration of entanglement in any quantum, superconducting computing scheme so far.” “It’s a big achievement for the field.”

Though hailed as the world’s first commercially-available quantum computer system, D-Wave Systems and their approach have not been able to elude controversy, with quantum physics being theoretically billed as means of achieving incredible results.

“The original vision of the company was simple: build a commercially useful quantum computer as soon as possible,” Vern Brownell, D-Wave’s chief executive, has said.

“We just want to provide quantum computing resources to researchers and businesses around the world so they can solve really hard problems, better than they can today.”


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