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White House Launches Anti-Putin Online Trolling Campaign

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Russian writer idaltae tweeted the following:

White House launches propaganda at troll level pic.twitter.com/S45vJokXN2

Because she didn’t say what search term she used to pull up that ad – and because we don’t live in Russia – it took some legwork to verify that this is real.

Specifically, we used Keyword Spy – a highly-regarded and widely-used resource in the SEO industry – to see if the White House had purchased keywords for Google using the domain name WhiteHouse.gov.

Indeed, we did find the ad using Keyword Spy:

Keyword Spy also told us the keywords which the White House purchased:

Telenor is a huge telecommunications company based in Norway, which provides telecom services in Eastern Europe, and has had a series of legal disputes regarding its sizable ownership stake in Russian and Ukrainian telecoms.

In other words, Telenor Russia is probably a popular Google search term in Russia and Ukraine. And the White House has purchased Google key words to troll Putin.


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2 Responses to " White House Launches Anti-Putin Online Trolling Campaign "

  1. Carlos Fagundes says:

    It seems to me that there’s a mistake when those poor guys suggest that Mr. Putin will start a war… If I’m not so stupid, Mr. Obama (Osama, Banana ?) is in a hurry to get some money to raise USA economy at ANY PRICE, including killing people, destroying cultures, etc. etc. etc. (I think all you have already noted how they “help” countries to have demoncracy, sorry, democracy) and HIS finger is in the trigger to launch a war for the benefit of democra$$y, and have some income funds (all they can get). Maybe those poor guys have only made a SMALL mistake, together with ALL the others, including being already alive. Sorry about my poor point of view…

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  2. Alex says:

    Ye, sure! It was Putin who bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki! It was Putin who used napalm in Vietnam against civilians! It was Putin who destroyed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia! It is Putin who, even as we speak, supplies weapons to Al Qaida terrorists in Syria. And it is Putin who supports Ukrainian junta right now! Junta that right now with American blessing uses cluster bombs and exploding bullets, forbidden by Geneva convention, against civilians in the East of Ukraine! Give me a break!

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