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Thousands protest outside Greek Parliament against GD oppression

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Thousands of friends, supporters and members of Golden Dawn have gathered outside parliament in Athens demanding the immediate release of Golden Dawn political prisoners.

Golden Dawn’s jailed leaders Nikos Michaloliakos, Christos Pappas, and Giannis Lagos are speaking inside the Greek parliament regarding the issue of lifting parliamentary immunity.

In following video, Golden Dawn New York Division has done a translation of highlights from GD leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos’ speech in parliament.

He along with Giannis Lagos and Christos Pappas were given temporary release from prison to address the Parliament during a motion to lift parliamentary immunity.

Keep in mind this is just a partial translation of the speech, Golden Dawn New York Division is working on a more complete version, please spread this video around as much as possible.

In the video below, Michaloliakos leaves the Parliament Chamber to the cheers of supporters and says goodbye to his daughter Ourania. The chants roughly translate to:

“Listen Leader, and listen well! You have humiliated the system once again! Blood, Honor Golden Dawn!”

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