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The Sun that Never Sets as seen from ISS

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NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman has uploaded a mesmerizing six second Vine clip showing a time-lapse of the never-setting sun as it can be seen from the International Space Station.

“1st Vine from space! Single Earth orbit. Sun never sets flying parallel w/terminator line #ISS #Exp40,” Wiseman wrote as he posted the video.

The brief snapshot compresses a 92-minute ISS circle of the earth into a six second clip, showing the swiftly spinning earth and a sun which does not set.

This happens, as Wiseman explains, because the station is currently moving through space parallel with the day and night terminator line, the barrier where light and dark meet on the earth’s surface. The two collide in the weeks surrounding the summer solstice.

The #EXP40 hashtag refers to the current expedition of the ISS, which is due to end in September.


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