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Putin Responds In Force After Obama Orders Atomic Bombs To Europe

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A truly apocalyptic report issued hours ago by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) today says that President Putin has ordered over 80,000 troops to “deploy immediately” to their forward operating “stations” on the Ukrainian border and the “immediate” cut-off of all natural gas supplies to Ukraine after he received confirmation that President Obama has placed US atomic weapons and their “delivery systems” in Europe.

According to this report, Russian military intelligence officials received confirmation yesterday from their counterparts at the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Czech Republic (UZSI) that the two B-2 Stealth Bombers (Call signed Death11 and Death12) ordered to the UK by Obama last week, along with the three B-52 Stratofortress bombers currently deployed at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, have all been equipped with subsonic AGM-86 air-launched cruise missiles (ALCM) equipped with W80 nuclear warheads.

Further to be noted, this report says, is that the Slovakian Intelligence and Security Agency (SOVA) further confirmed to their MoD counterparts that an exercise of this formidable nuclear first-strike force in attacking Russia was “directly responsible” for the disappearance of civilian aircraft from air-traffic control radars in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia last week endangering the lives of thousands.

Important to note, this report says, are that NATO troops and bases not welcome in the Slovakia and Czech Republics as the Obama regime and its allies continue to push for total war with Russia.

As evidence of the fact of the West preparing for total war against Russia, this report continues, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an interview published yesterday that it is preparing measures to help Ukraine defend itself in its stand-off with Russia, and must adapt to the fact that Moscow now views it as an adversary. And Germany’s highly influential Heinrich Böll Foundation further stated “This is a war, and Russia is involved”.

Another provocative war action by Obama regime forces against Russia, this report says, was this past weeks highly destructive attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev which the Ukrainian police not only failed to stop in clear violation of the 1961 Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations, and shockingly had as one of its participants (an incident that may be a first in world diplomatic history) Kiev’s top diplomat, Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa, chanted “Putin’s a f**ker” to the cheering mob.

To the most shameful outcome of the vicious attack on Russia’s Embassy in Kiev, this report notes, was not only the Obama regime refusing to condemn it, but it’s forcing of its Western allies to block a UN Security Council resolution condemning it too.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also warned the international community that they should pay special attention to the task of curbing radicals in Ukraine by stating, “In the wake of the latest events including the disgusting attack on the Russian embassy, a special attention of the international community and of those who have direct influence on the Kiev authorities is needed for curbing radicals, extremists and neo-Nazis”.

To the atrocities and war crimes that the Obama regime backed Ukraine government has committed against its own peoples that have caused over 122,000 of its own citizens to flee to Russia for protection, this report says, it should be noted they will not escape punishment. And as exampled by Investigative Committee head Sergei Bastrykin who this past week warned that those who are guilty of committing military crimes in eastern Ukraine will be punished, “even if they hide at the bottom of the ocean”.

As even Pope Francis this week warned that the global economy is near collapse, and as the American elites responsible for it are on trial in the court of public opinion, and the verdict is just about to come in (as evidenced by the stunning election defeat of one of their top war leaders, Eric Cantor, last week), this report grimly states, the Obama regimes “main propaganda mouthpiece”, the New York Times, published an editorial last week stunningly saying that “Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth”.

And as the Obama regime and is bankster allies continues their push for a nuclear war against Russia, this report concludes, it should not be forgotten that what the US is doing now it has done many, many times before, including in 1917, when after almost two years of heavy anti-German propaganda in the US press that built an overwhelming public support for our joining that war against Germany, Congress found that, in March 1915, “J.P. Morgan interests had bought 25 of America’s leading newspapers, and inserted their own editors, in order to control the media” so that American would join the war on England’s side.

Whereas back then, it was Germany’s leader who was being goaded into providing a pretext for us to declare war against his country, the OpEd News Service says, this time it’s Russia’s leader (Putin) who is being demonized and goaded into providing such a pretext, though Putin (unlike Germany’s Kaiser) has thus far refrained from providing the pretext that Obama constantly warns us that he will (a Russian invasion of Ukraine).

Consequently, Obama’s people are stepping up the pressure upon Putin by bombing the areas of neighboring Ukraine where Russian speakers live, who have family across the border inside Russia itself. Just a few more weeks of this, and Putin’s public support inside Russia could palpably erode if Putin simply lets the slaughter proceed without his sending troops in to defend them and to fight back against Kiev’s (Washington’s surrogate’s) bombing-campaign. This would provide the pretext that Obama has been warning about.

All that remains unknown now, and before the nuclear bombs start falling, is if the American people will awaken and stop the madness of their crazed war leaders before it’s too late for everyone.


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  • Бело

    США преступник. Европейские страны преступники. Все лицемеры и лгуны. Продались мега-корпорациям за гроши.

  • Бело

    USA criminal. European countries criminals. All hypocrites and liars. Sold mega-corporations for pennies. We have people kill!

  • W. Hall

    What has changed since the collapse of the Soviet Union? For a start in 1991 Boris Yeltsin surrendered to the US the codes to the Soviet nuclear arsenal. The last head of the KGB Kryuchkov, who was a participant in the August 1991 coup against Gorbachev, at his trial said that the coup was necessary to prevent the Soviet nuclear arsenal coming under the control of the United States. On 3rd September 1991 in the Duma Yeltsin proposed 95% unilateral abolition of the Soviet nuclear arsenal, (information from New Left Review) a logical adjunct to handing over the codes, for what is the point of the United States having two nuclear arsenals? In order to stage a false flag operation with one of them and blame the Russians for it? Nobody either in the power elite or, to their disgrace, in the anti-nuclear movements, supported Yeltsin’s call for 95% abolition. I suspect that what he really wanted was 100% abolition.

    Just before his death Andre Gromyko said: “We made more and more nuclear weapons. That was our mistaken position. Absolutely mistaken. And the political leadership bears the entire blame for it. Tens of billions were spent on the production of these toys. We did not have the brains to stop.” (from David E. Hoffman, “The Dead Hand”, p.314.)

    What is the situation today? Putin claims to have regained control of the Russian nuclear arsenal. But he would say that anyway, for political reasons, whether or not it is true. Would he not? What are the dangers of a US false flag using “Russian” nuclear weapons? Do you know? Do I know? Who knows? What defence would the Russian government have in the event of such a thing occurring?

    • Defiant

      You read too many Tom Clancy novels, if that would be the case WWIII would have happened 20 years ago.
      Every country that has attacked Russia sofar went belly up, just a side note. The US military industrial complex spends a lot more and is out of controll, the US. debt is 17 trill with another 130trill domestic, foreign debt compared to the GDP is over a 100%, QE Unlimited the list goes on, Russias debt is 10% compared to its GDP and they dont want to rule the world, globalists want their planetary genocide very badly I guess, nobody should support them, they are pure evil, look at the middle east how did it work out?and for what? oil, drugs and geostrategical locations.
      Putting nazis in power in Ukraine didnt work for the nazis in WWII wont work now either.Cheers.

      • W. Hall

        Dear Defiant,

        I don’t know how what you say meshes with what I said. All that I am doing is pointing out a few things that are not generally known and warning to be alert to the possibility of a false flag involving Russian, or “Russian”, nuclear weapons.

      • W. Hall

        I don’t know how what you say meshes with what I said. All I am doing is pointing out a few things that are not generally known and warning to be on the alert against the possibility of a false flag involving Russian, or “Russian”, nuclear weapons.

        • Defiant

          Its pretty obvious what I wrote sorry if you dont understand it.
          I would be more worried about lost nukes in the US. and around the globe if you follow the news there were more than one cases, around 50 were lost in the last 50 years, there are also reports on it even on youtube just type in nukes transferred without permit or nukes lost during transfer, you will be suprised its actually the US. who loses them left and right and not Russia, only stating facts.

          • W. Hall

            I am not talking about Russia losing nukes. I am talking about Russia surrendering nukes. Most of what the public believes on this subject is targeted disinformation. Read writers like John Mueller “Atomic Obsession”. Unfortunately he is never invited to address anti-nuclear movement audiences. The only audiences he gets are complacent right-wingers who are thus permitted to think they are smarter than liberals because they don’t have to believe the nuclear fear-mongering. Another semi-demystifier less absolutely remote from the “anti-nuclear” movements is Ward Wilson. But if all you can see is Russia = good, USA = bad (not that I think the opposite) then there are things that are more important to you than nuclear weapons.

          • Defiant, I understand your frustration with the U.S. and E.U., but you have to realize that it is the ‘rogue’ criminal elements of these nations that are causing all these problems for everyone. Not the civilian populace or all the government and military as a whole. Just ‘rogue’ criminal elements that are being manipulated by the NWO global elite, who are the puppet masters.

          • Defiant

            Dont worry I get the picture I dont hate the people I only spoke about the govt’s and the military industrial complex, banksterlobby just the usual badboys, but fact is many brainwashed people support them, fight for them even cheer for them both in the EU and the US. both systems started out as a good and noble idea but got corrupted very quickly when bad people rose to the top and took over, its all orchestrated the problem is not the intelligent people like me but the zombies, remember what happened with Germany after WWII?, everybody thought that every one of them is a nazi and were treated in the most terrible way you can imagine,mass raped, mass executions, starvin soldiers by the millions(that one under US custody) I dont want to get into it but I think you get the point, I just hope that wont ever happen again, because if history teaches as something than that its always the inocent who get punished for the crimes of their masters.

    • Lee Elliott

      The US spent years fighting the Viet Cong (Vietnam). Result: they left Vietnam defeated. The US spent years fighting in Iraq, result: Islamic Jihadists now stronger than ever. The US spent years in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban/Al Quaida. Result: Taliban more powerful, opium production increased. Anyone notice a pattern? If the mighty Master Race Americans can’t break local, desperate militias, what chance have they against an experienced, tooled up Russian army? An army with a history of brutally repelling would-be conquerors? An army likely supported by the Chinese? Before you say ‘Nuclear weapons’ remember: Russia & China have them too. Is Obama insane?

      • W. Hall

        Lee Elliott if you have read all the discussion so far the implication of your post is that you know the answer to the question we have been asking, i.e. whether, and if so to what extent, Russia controls “its” nuclear arsenal.

  • P. Maryniak

    I consider myself to be an informed American. This is not being reported in America. Journalism in America died a long time ago. They work for the government and not for people. There are some of us trying to awaken the others. How can we do this? I am so ashamed of our government. I send you all peace, goodwill and my deepest apologies for our corrupt “leaders.”

  • shvili

    i hope this putin’s regim will stop!!! and he will get what he deserves, to be hang in Kreml!!! Crimea is Ukraine!!! Abkhazia and Osetia is Georgia!!! saqartvelos gaumardjos,Slava Ukraini!!!!

    • m

      yeaaah, that’s the US stupidity talking.

    • Defiant

      georgian troll you only gave two things to the world, stalin and the name vili, end of story, next time you shouldnt attack south ossetia or anybody else or start killing civilians and the Russians wont steamroll your sorry asses again, pretty simple isnt it troll.
      georgia is the only country where there is still a standing stalin statue, that telling isnt its.

    • Italian Brain

      Shut up idiot.

    • gigialdred

      What a moron you are shvili – a typical blindfolded yank be off with you scum

  • W. Hall

    Somebody wants to get us arguing.

  • DazUk

    Yet again it boils down to another ego trip. Nothing will ever be solved by nuclear methods. Once one goes they all go and we the minions are collateral damage purely for their ego power trips. It’s just pathetic.

  • Vitaly

    The world has gone mad. But never mind, we Russian, we stand.

  • UnKnOwn

    Why do you think all those nukes have been made for? Do you think they spent billions of dollars to create it just for fun? One day they have to be used and that day is coming sooner then you ever imagined. Later on everyone will feel sorry for what happened and then start all over again.

  • leo

    This is BS and you know it!

    • Joe

      What’s BS Leo? Living in a bubble? or….Later on everyone will feel sorry for what happened and then start all over again. #-o

  • Johann Langner

    Its just dumb to use nukes, but hell, this earth has to go one day, so it might as well be now. Let them kill each other, as long as they stay away from my country, South Africa

    • Nicolaas

      hey johan, klein wereld, werk jy in Amerika

    • Dirk R Swart

      In South Africa, a nuclear device is not required. The corrupt and incompetent ANC regime is destroying the country far quicker than an atomic bomb

  • W. Hall

    South Africa’s unilateral nuclear disarmament, like Sweden’s and Ukraine’s, is something the public should know more about, and understand and support more. Yeltsin obviously wanted to achieve something similar for Russia, but he got zero support from all the brilliant anti-nuclear movements whose slogan throughout the eighties had been “there are no good and bad nuclear weapons”. As a result the only thing people know about Yeltsin is that he was an incompetent drunk who presided over the plundering of his country. They ignore the way that Gorbachev protected Yeltsin’s public image on American television even after Yeltsin had stabbed Gorbachev in the back. And they ignore the way that a big section of the extra-parliamentary Left supported Yeltsin all through the perestroika/glasnost period. After August 1991 these leftists failed to support Yeltsin on the one, and only one, positive element that he had in his politics.

  • Necrik

    So let me get this straight, US is in debt to the world bank. World bank is pretty much dictating what they want US to do. As a result we have this mess. Obama is not making decisions, unlike Putin. He is a puppet controlled by the richest families and the banks.

  • W. Hall

    I guess this is why there is a movement that wants Putin for President of the United States: http://www.independentsentinel.com/the-2016-election-vladimir-putin-for-president-of-the-united-states-of-america/

    But of course it is just satire. There is no shortage of satirists.

  • (:| You must pray God forbid Ukraine join the European Union and the Western Ukraine tembolee Khokhlov can run solely on himself and not his uncle. From the European Union offers a lot of money and little work. When the Soviet Union existed statements about Khokhlov “Now you drink tea on a friendly and fat you eat and later Crest Back you can plunge a knife.”

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    It should be noted by the Russian people that the Americans are paralyzed by Obama (or as they call him, “The Dark Prince”) through their NSA spying. Many have already lost their jobs and positions due to the sickness of Political Correctness. Many would even welcome a fall of their Government so as to bring about the breakup of the North American Continent into sub-nations.

    • P.P.

      …..if you havnt noticed…. NA is more than one country fool… and id like to keep mine thank you.

  • Michael

    The problem with today’s word is the division of ideals. Freedom has long since died in the United States, long before I was born. And I’ve still served the US for quite some time, regardless. The issue isn’t with the common citizen (sometimes ignorance comes from the sheep/lambs, but hopefully lambs climb up to be lions), the issue has and always will be greed. Not just in the USA either. But the greed has expanded internationally. They make decisions on the behalf of a nation or nations, but these decisions are not in the best interest of the people. This conflict has absolutely no bearing on our struggles in the United States, and we should have no part in it. We should not be the global police. We should not place law and order in places that are not our own. That is the definition of an Empire. That is not what America was meant to be. Instead we make the same mistakes Rome did, and we’ll share the same fate eventually.

    • P. Maryniak


  • peter

    Crimea has voting the nato has had a change to watch ive everthing was going good, the indians didnt get a change the democratic murderded yest like american goverment still is killing people evewhere on the world who is indifferent with them/ western democratic dictoriale behaving

  • Logics

    To Putin and Russians all europians are nazis, so it does not matter where they strike

    • Defiant

      YOu are slightly biased I would say, the problem is that you live in the past, you are not up to date.
      How did your population growth worked out since you are “free”?Since 1992 your population is into a hard decline, the globalist wnat to kill you off as all Europeans in fact most of Humanity, they arent your friends, you only swapped the flag of the occupiers.Dont confuse Russia with the Soviet-Union.
      Also you should be aware that the US. you think you know is gone since the early 60’s.

  • W. Hall

    To ask people not to confuse Russia with the Soviet Union is to ask them to think, and to try to find out and understand a few things. This is to ask too much of very many people. Also, it seems that there are people who are not thinking about the points I raised that have made me doubtful of how far Russia controls the “Russian” nuclear arsenal. The facts I mentioned obviously go in one eye and out the other, for Logics, but also for Defiant.

    • Defiant

      I already answered your points,it would be childish to think that Russia is not in controll of their nuclear arsenal you really think the US. would bother with all kinds of proxy wars, and arming al-cia-da to surround Russia and Iran in an aim for planetary full spectrum dominance if they could make a first strike without the fear of a counter attack? that would essentially disable the M.A.D. doctrine as such, you sound more and more like a cia troll stationed in Greece.

  • W. Hall

    You haven’t answered any of my points: either in relation to Yeltsin handing over the codes or in relation to Kryutchkov’s declarations at his trial. The fact is that you do not know anything more than I know about whether, and if so to what extent, Russia controls “its” nuclear arsenal. Your reasoning is a priori (do you really think the US would bother, etc. etc.) based on totally unexamined assumptions derived from mass propaganda on the subject of “nuclear deterrence”. “Nuclear deterrence” was what Khrushchev thought would stop Kennedy from threatening to H-bomb the Soviet Union rather than attacking Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis. “Nuclear deterrence” was what Brezhnev (ignoring all the lessons of Cuba) thought would save the Soviet Union from the fate that finally caught up with it. That was the meaning of Gromyko’s remarks, which you obviously did not understand. In fact the “limited nuclear war” bluff that the US carried out in the 80s with the Pershing II and Cruise nuclear missiles would have been much more difficult to carry off if the Soviet Union HAD NOT HAD a nuclear arsenal to frighten the Europeans with and to act as a target for the Pershings and Cruise. Neither you nor I know if Russia controls its nuclear weapons. The difference between us is that I want to know and you do not.

    • Defiant

      You shoulndt defy basic logic at least if you really are greek for the very fact that guys invented it, I dont care about desinfo spreading in fake trials and paid off trolls by the US. govt I look at the whole picture, if Russia wouldnt have its nuclear arsenal WWIII would have already happened 20 years ago, not with conventional weapons but by nukes the US. would have made a first strike on them, I dont support it just stating facts, thinking the US. govt is Humanist in nature is idiotic in the light of facts of what horrible crimes they have comitted in the past and continuing to do even today, and are probably more out of controll than they were anytime in the past.
      The Cuban missile crysis was about the US. Jupiter missiles deployed in Turkey to wich the Russians deployed missiles into Cuba that brought us almost to the brink of WWIII thanks to Kennedy the situation could be disarmed by overruling the military and military industrial complex and pulling the missiles from Turkey in response the Russians pullued their from Cuba, it was a stall but PR propaganda in the west made it look like a US. win over the evil Soviets, so much to that.
      Cruise missiles are nothing new they were around since WWII they only got more sophisticated, I would agree that there is no such ting as limited nuclear war, if tactical nukes start flying strategical will follow shortly afterwards its only a matter of time, I say it again for a very last time nuclear deterrence works if the Russians wouldnt have their nukes the US. would have already nuked them thats how loving, liberal and trendy they are and by they I mean the shadow govt, its puppets, and the military industrial complex, the Russians wouldnt even hand over their S-400 SAM to foreign countries but they would hand over ther nuke arsenal?, come on you cant be serious read about desinfo a bit you have been a victim of it, sometimes the simplest solution is the real one there is no need to overcomplecate things.

  • W. Hall

    Have you ever thought about how enraged Byrnes was that he couldn’t bluff Stalin with the threat of a nuclear strike when the US was trying to get the USSR to change its policies on the borders for Poland? Stalin didn’t have any nuclear weapons at that time. In fact Stalin before he had nukes was a million times less blackmailable than Gorbachev was when he was sitting on top of the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. That wasn’t because of any character traits possessed by Stalin and lacking in Gorbachev. It was because “nuclear deterrence” is a dogma that has been drilled into Americans, and not only Americans, from birth, PRECISELY BECAUSE the assumption that there is such a thing is such a an effective way of weakening the states that the global power elite want to weaken. Why was Klaus Fuchs, the known East German Communist, allowed access to US atomic secrets and only nailed as a spy when he had done his work and it suited the powers that be to start the McCarthyite hysteria? To help the USSR obtain nuclear weapons as quickly as possible. Have you ever read any of the biographies of the USSR’s atomic spies: Fuchs, Ted Hall, and followed what they realized about themselves? Why weren’t any of these real spies punished rather than the pathetic little scapegoats the Rosenbergs? The USSR should have got rid of its nuclear arsenal after the Cuban missile crisis. Certainly it is an indictment of the 80s “independent” European anti-nuclear movements that in 1991 they did not help Yeltsin to do what Khruschev had not been able to do, whether because of his colleagues or because of himself. You are focused on how terrible the USA is. OK, so the USA is terrible. That has nothing to do with whether other countries should have nuclear weapons. If the US can get rid of its nukes too, so much the better. If it can’t that is tough luck, for Americans. But irrelevant.

    • Defiant

      I didnt say the US. were terrible because that would also mean that americans are overall bad, I have never said that, I was only pointing to their “elite”
      Stalin was new to the nuke game he first probably didnt even realize how dangerous it was and the US. couldnt afford a nuclear war after all everybody thought that they were the “good guys”, after hiroshima and nagasaki there was no reality in using nukes again, even in the Korean war Truman denied the use of tactical nukes to MAcarthur wo wanted to created a “dead zone” on the Chinese border to cut off reinforcements to North-Korea, the problem with your logic is that its twisted you assume to much based on vague or misinterpreted info, ever thought about the fact that the US. elite is not coherent?, maybe the military industrial complex wanted the Russians to have their nuke arsenal as opposed to the military, because if the threat is bigger they can sell more nukes more planes, more missiles more subs the list goes on that doesnt means that the threat is not real, it only means that at the top there are a lot of crazy psychopats who will do anything to get more money, or power, and there are probably people even above them maybe whos plans are even more sinister, depopulation for example, arm both sides with nukes than try to ignite WWIII for planetary genocide, the structure you talk about is multi layered layer upon layer, nukes are real, their threat is also real, nobody will hand over controll over them, but there were multiple ocassions in the past where both sides were almost tricked into an all out nuclear war, there are multiple factions even on the same side but neither has total controll over the other that is what you should understand.

    • Defiant

      The US. never atteacked another country whom also had nukes, coincidence?, sorry to break your delusions but deterrence works, just because you want to live in a nuke free world and to think that everybody will respect wont became reality, the moment you disarm yourself you are done.
      Gorbachev was an idiot by the way probably a british double agent, but on the other hand all US. presidents were hand picked by the elite since Kennedy, so its a twisted game, the right hand often doesnt know what the left is doing.

  • W. Hall

    The US attacked the Soviet Union in the 80s with the threat of “limited nuclear war” and it was successful. The threat produced the INF Agreement, which was a turning point in Soviet nuclear doctrine. (A capitulation, if you think Soviet possession of nuclear weapons served some purpose.) After that the disintegration process proceeded. The Soviet Union had nukes and it was attacked and destroyed. After the August 1991 coup Yeltsin wanted to get rid of the Soviet nuclear arsenal. All of it, not just the nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Kazaksthan and Belarus. That was quite logical if he had handed over the codes to the US (and I was informed by a person who has access to relevant information that he did). Why should the US control two nuclear arsenals, its own and the Russian one? In order to be able to stage false flag nuclear attacks and attribute them to Russia? Yeltsin’s call for Soviet nuclear disarmament (on 3rd September 1991 in the Duma he proposed 95% unilateral Russian nuclear disarmament) was quite logical and should have been supported. Of course it was not supported by the power elite, but why was it not supported by the anti-nuclear movements. Were they confused by doctrines of nuclear deterrence? Even though they had spent a great deal of energy and ink debunking such ideas. When a country loses a war it is the custom for it to destroy its weaponry rather than have it fall into the hands of the enemy. The fact that Yeltsin was not allowed to achieve nuclear disarmament of Russia indicates that it was the international power elite that didn’t want nuclear disarmament of Russia. Further evidence that nuclear deterrence and all doctrines concerning nuclear weapons are fraudulent. Because they are fraudulent the most theoretically advanced sections of the European anti-nuclear movement support unilateral European nuclear disarmament. Of course Russia could be invited to support it by carrying out nuclear disarmament also, but that is not so easy to achieve now as it would have been in 1991, if the political clear-sightedness had been there.

    • Defiant

      The Soviet-Union was never attacked it fell apart due to economical reasons and not political they couldnt compete with the banster on wall street and the FED printin out federal reserve notes aka petro dollars, combine that with a socialistic economy producing too much weapons and you got the results, Russians were not the second biggest nuclear power by the way they were numero uno with more than 30.000 nukes.
      Basic facts are going against your statements the US. wants to encircle Russia, China and Iran they do everything to achieve that economic warefare,global wiretapping,paid PR campaigns 24\7, proxy wars arming massmurdering terrorists who kill rape and torture man woman and children, but if thats the case why wouldnt they simply nuke them? or threat the Russians with nukes to capitulate to them, why would the Russians upgrade their military if it was useless?why wouldnt the US. take Russias oil and gas like they use to with other countries? conventional warefare against nukes is usless no matter what you think, so you see the problem with your logic its simply false.
      I give up on you, you twist reality and facts and keep repeating it, its no use to argue with you, have a nice day bye, If you wanna live in lala land then be my guest.

    • Defiant

      The Soviet-Union was never attacked it fell apart due to economical reasons and not military and political they couldnt compete with the banksters on wall street and the FED printing out federal reserve notes aka petro dollars out of thin air, combine that with a socialistic economy producing too many weapons and you got the results, Russians were not the second biggest nuclear power by the way they were numero uno with more than 30.000 nukes.
      Basic facts are going against your statements the US. wants to encircle Russia, China and Iran they do everything to achieve that economic warefare,global wiretapping,paid PR campaigns 24\7, proxy wars arming massmurdering terrorists who kill rape and torture man woman and children, but if thats the case why wouldnt they simply nuke them? or threat the Russians with nukes to capitulate to them, why would the Russians upgrade their military if it was useless?why wouldnt the US. take Russias oil and gas like they use to do with other countries? conventional warefare against nukes is usless no matter what you think, so you see the problem with your logic its simply false.
      I give up on you, you twist reality and facts and keep repeating it, its no use to argue with you, have a nice day bye, If you wanna live in lala land then be my guest.

      corrected the typos,it happens when I type fast I like being a grammaz nazi on myself yeahhhh:)

    • Defiant

      Oh I almost forgot the INF Agreement that you were mentioning worked on both sides so not only did Russia ditch some of its short and middle range missiles but also the US. because there were too many nukes and fingers were itching on both sides, still cruise missiles and ICBM’s remained in service in fact Russia developed on them while the US. only maintained the older ones.
      It was also more economical less weapons less maintenance and lets face it there is not much of a difference if you can destroy Earth 20 times in a row or only 3 times.
      Its also worth mentioning that the US. is now in worse shape then the Soviet-Union was in the end of the 80’s, Russias economy is doing well while the US. falls apart, interesting in light of your theory, so the US. owns Russias nuke arsenal but Russia is doing much better and isnt overrun by the US. even though they should be defensless against a nuke power? sounds legit, Oh wait…

  • W. Hall

    I want to live in Europe. Like the Ukrainians (or at least the Ukrainians who do).

    • Defiant

      Carefull you are losing it.

    • Johua

      W. Hall Greece says:
      20/06/2014 at 4:21 pm
      I want to live in Europe. Like the Ukrainians (or at least the Ukrainians who do).

      I live in the Netherlands and I want out of the EU . People in the Netherlands , France and GB are waking up. United States is bankrupt and is being kept on life support by fraud , and also the EU . End of petrodollar is near .
      Declaration of bankruptcy of the US corporate government is coming soon . The only option for Obama and his gang are Proxy wars . In the mean time : Putin’s aide proposes anti-dollar alliance to force US to end Ukraine’s civil war
      Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_06_18/Putins-aide-proposes-anti-dollar-alliance-to-force-US-to-end-Ukraines-civil-war-8030/
      and “Bolivian leader urges dissolution of UN Security Council – media”
      Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_06_15/Bolivian-leader-Evo-Morales-urges-to-dissolve-UN-Security-Council-media-5441/
      America will be isolated . Putin / the Russians are the best Chess players . Better than Barry Soetoro’s master Zbigniew Brzezinski . As Nuland said :, F@ck the EU !!!

      • W. Hall

        Putin and the Russians are not trying to keep Ukraine out of the EU. They are concerned about protecting the rights of the Russian-speaking minority there. But the rules as dictated by “the US corporate government” and its EU slaves are not allowing them to do that, while at the same time the Ukrainian government and the EU do not accept (or are not able to enforce) their own responsibilities to do what they are not allowing the Russians to do. I want to see Putin win the chess game, but without the EU disintegrating. It’s OK thinking that Putin is a better chess player, but remember that the other side doesn’t want to play chess. It wants to overturn the table and and the chessboard on it.

  • W. Hall

    You should read Ward Wilson’s “Five Myths about Nuclear Weapons”. It is close enough to conventional mainstream viewpoints for you to be able to understand it. Here is a relevant video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBX5vo1KBiw

    • Defiant

      I watched it didnt convince me sorry, academics arent living in the reail world neither do most of politicians, most of the facts were wrong or twisted I can now see where you logic comes from.
      The guy was in one point right japan wanted to capitulate even before the nuke attacks their only condition was to grant immuntiy to their emperor wich was granted anyways after the war, but the US. wanted to show off its power so they dropped them, on civilians wich violated multiple points on the Geneva convention and basic Human rights.
      But you are still wrong, nukes wont go away anytime soon so dont hold your breath.
      Tricking the US. and Russia into a nuclear war would be the end and it almost happened multiple times but on the other hand nukes are the sole reason why there was no WWIII yet, the globalists arent sure if they would survive it, probably thats the reason they want to erode it to the point where they can launch their planetry genocide without the fear of being nuked.

  • W. Hall

    My logic doesn’t come from him. I only discovered him recently and didn’t get my ideas from him. He is a speaker for American mainstream audiences. In any case it seems that you and I aren’t on the same side. All we have in common is being against what is happening in Ukraine. And what are we going to do about it? All this discussion has done is wasted both our time.

    • Defiant

      Exchanging ideas is never a wasted time, Im thankfull for our conversation even if I disagree with you.

  • W. Hall

    OK. I gues that’s something.

  • jesslane c.

    Wow, we’re all in big trouble. If theres a ww3 incvolving nukes, no country is “safe”. Nuclear fallout will effectively stamp out life as we know it. Corruption is GLOBAL, its not an american thing, its a gobalthin. Until the ones of us who truely bellieve in live and let live rise up and take power from the corrupt and possibly mental war and power mongers in ALL of our countries, we are screwed. Im tired of arguing over imaginary lines. I feel no indiference towards any human, and plenty more feel like i do worldwide. Lets erase the borders and the corrupt leaders. I wat my children to experience a real free world before theres no world left.

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