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Greeks are now a minority in Cyprus - Statistic

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A study performed by the Institute of Demographics and Migration Policies in Cyprus, caused shock. According to the study, Greek Cypriots are already almost the minority on the island and will definitely be the minority in the coming years.

According to the 2011 census, the Greek Cypriots only number at 572,000, with a downward trend. The president of the Institute for Population and Migration Policy, Yiannakis Matsis, announcing the results of the study, he stated “population disaster” is occurring, since at this time Greek Cypriots are outnumbered by inhabitants in the occupied areas and Muslims across all of Cyprus.

Of great concern also are also the low birth rate among Greek Cypriots, an aging population, and the immigration problem.

Economist and member of the institute, Penelope Christophoridou, stated that “the high rate of natural births in the occupied areas, but also with the incoming waves in the coming years, the settlers will number between 500,000 to 800,000.”

“With a careful analysis of the numbers it can be concluded that in the Republic the Greek Cypriots, about (572,000) are already in the minority, with whatever that entails,” said Mrs. Christoforidou.

She added that “there should be a demographic and migration policy designed and implemented, with targeted measures for the protection and preservation of our national identity and culture as well as safeguarding the population ratio in Cyprus”.

She recommended the policy should chiefly aim to minimize migration of Cypriot citizens, especially young people, who, given the economic crisis, began to migrate to other countries to find work, while simultaneously reducing migration to non-Cypriots to Cyprus.

Editors note: One wonders if Greek Cypriots in America like Endy Zemenides of HALC or Nicholas Karacostas of AHEPA will back such a demographic policy for Cyprus, or will they keep supporting their Zionist friends instead?

It was also mentioned that in Cyprus there is a large and worrisome climate over the low birthrate of Greek Cypriots, the aging population, and a large immigration problem, with both inflows and outflows, noting that “according to information of the Cyprus Republic, the population in the liberated areas from 1974 to 1990 had a population increase of 13.7%, while in the occupied areas, the population growth during the same period was 48.35%, due to the mass influx of settlers in 1975 and 1977”.


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2 Responses to " Greeks are now a minority in Cyprus - Statistic "

  1. Damien says:

    What are they complaining about? Their economy hit the bottom so their people are leaving the island, ones there are not reproducing, because of the same economic reasons. Fix your economy rather than blaming that Turks are coping better with the economic crises. They is nothing they can do if Turkish side of the island is blossomming while theirs is crumpling. Remember that it’s Greeks who started the conflict in 1974 by trying to kick Turks off the island. Well, they lost, Turks won and they have to live with that fact.

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  2. Dan says:

    In my experience Cyprus also has a high percentage of gays which also contributes to the low birth rate.

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