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EU pays member states 6000 Euros for every immigrant brought in

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The European Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom is telling European Union countries to bring in more immigrants. The plan is to pay 6000 Euros for each refugee that is brought into Europe.

“I am speaking on behalf of the European Commission in support of the reception and integration of refugees. EU states will receive 6000 euro support for each refugee taken from the refugee camps and resettled in their respective countries” Malmstrom said in an interview.

“Each year around 80 thousand refugees are resettled, most of them find a new home in the U.S., Canada or Australia…”

“In 2013, EU countries were ready to receive around five thousand refugees for resettlement, and that is a shame”

Malmstrom poured scorn on EU countries for not doing more to bring in more immigrants from places such as Africa and the Middle East.

“I am convinced that the EU member states should do more to help people who flee their home countries due to hunger, violence and misery.”

Now that the ‘stick’ is failing, the ‘carrot’ is being used to ensure what is basically a genocide against native Europeans, is ongoing. If they have to pay people to do what they want, instead of just bossing them around like the EU used to, it just goes to show that their power is eroding. These policies are genocidal because they have been put in place to ensure that native Europeans become a minority in their own countries and even extinct in due time.

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