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Britain Sends 1000 Troops, 25 Tanks in 'Show of Force' Against Russia

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed his government has offered an armored battle group to be sent to Poland later this year as part of a massive planned “show of force” against Russia.

The armored battle group would include some 1,000 soldiers, along with 25 tanks and 40 armored fighting vehicles. Britain’s Defense Ministry presented it as part of an effort to “re-assure our NATO Baltic allies.”

The Poland exercise appears to be part of NATO’s announced “readiness action plan”, which aims to build up military forces in Eastern Europe, and to speed reaction time of Western European nations to a war with Russia.

There’s no indication that an actual war with Russia is likely anymore, though hawkish rhetoric from months ago surrounding the Crimean referendum and its subsequent Russian annexation has many military leaders in NATO salivating at the idea of a “new Cold War,” with the same run-away military spending as the last one.


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  • Бело

    The islanders, diapers do not forget :))

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  • Lola

    В России есть место для похорон всех англичан, которые придут в Россию. Тех кто собирается в Россию через Беларусь – у нас тоже есть поля для новых кладбищ. Уже есть немецкие, румынские, болгарские, польские, французские, итальянские. Будет новинка – английские.

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