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Australian Prime Minister popularity hits record low

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s popularity has taken a nosedive in recent months with only 18 percent of voters supporting him, a new report shows.

A new survey published in Crikey’s newsletter found that more Australians would prefer “someone else” than the current leader to head the ruling Liberal Party.

The report found that only 18 percent of the voters are satisfied with the premier as leader while 19 percent said they were unsure who they would prefer to lead the party instead.

Furthermore, 31 percent of the respondents said they would rather choose Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull over Abbott as the prime minister.

The premier’s plunging popularity just nine months into his term is reportedly linked to his public gaffes in recent months, which have been highly criticized.

Abbott was formally sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister in September 2013, after winning federal elections.

His National Liberal Coalition defeated the Labor Party’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.


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One Response to " Australian Prime Minister popularity hits record low "

  1. Obvious says:

    You do realize that Crikey, the source of this information tilts waaayyy to the left, don’t you?
    Not only are they diehard lefties, but they also have a history of publishing lies and half-truths to support whatever cause they are enthused with at the moment. They’ve actually lost a number of defamation lawsuits because of this – go ahead, look it up.

    With this in mind, I’m not at all surprised by the results coming out of the Crikey newsletter. Tony Abbott could find the cure for cancer and they’d still find a way to demonize him.

    A lot of leftists (probably the majority of respondents to that “new survey”) hate his guts because he is cutting away at the bloated Australian public sector, which is currently choking the Australian economy and taxpayer to death.

    There’s a good reason the Australian people put him in power, and it is the same reason UKIP and a number of other Anti-globalist right wing parties have succeeded.

    I appreciate the reporting that this site does, but this article was a failure.
    Next time, get the facts straight.

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