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Tens of thousands of Argentineans protest economic, social woes

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Unionists have held a massive demonstration in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, demanding that the government address economic and social problems, Press TV reports.

According to estimates by security forces, around 50,000 people participated in marches leading to Argentina’s Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

The demonstrators condemned the growing inequalities fuelled by the economic crisis in the South American country.

“Inflation is out of control and it reduces the already limited purchasing power of workers. They are also suffering from the escalating violence. It all aggravates poverty in this country and the government seems to be blinded by its own manipulated statistics,” said Pablo Moyano, the Workers Union’s secretary general.

However, Jorge Capitanich, Argentina’s chief of cabinet, said, “A presidential palace is not the right place to protest about public security. Local governments are responsible for security policies. So you should be complaining to the governors of provinces.”

The massive demonstration marks a shift in the unions’ strategy to press the government in order to tackle the country’s problems. Union leaders say the entire society must stand altogether against the government’s inability to address the needs of the society.

Argentina recorded an official 11-percent inflation rate in 2013, but independent economists say the actual rate is more than 30 percent.


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