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Strict Immigration Laws Save Denmark Billions of Euros

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Denmark’s strict immigration laws have saved the country 6.7 billion euros, a government report has claimed. Even though Denmark already has some of the toughest immigration laws in Europe, right-wing patriotic politicians are now trying to make them even more restrictive.

Denmark’s strict immigration laws have saved the country billions in benefits, a government report has said. The Integration Ministry report has now led to calls among right-wing patriots to clamp down further on immigrants to increase the savings.

The extremely strict laws have dramatically reduced the flow of people into Denmark in recent years, and many government figures are delighted with the outcome. “Now that we can see that it does matter who comes into the country, I have no scruples in further restricting those who one can suspect will be a burden on Denmark,” the center-right liberal integration minister, Søren Pind, told the Jyllands Postennewspaper.

Pind was talking after the ministry’s report — initiated by the right-wing patriotic Danish People’s Party (DPP) — came to the conclusion that by tightening immigration laws, Denmark has saved €6.7 billion ($10 billion) over the last 10 years, money which otherwise would have been spent on social benefits or housing. According to the figures, migrants from non-Western countries who did manage to come to Denmark have cost the state €2.3 billion, while those from the West have actually contributed €295 million to government coffers.

But things may soon get pushed even further for the better of Denmark. Elections are due to be held this fall, and the ruling parties apparently want to put forward even stricter rules, driven by patriotism, respect and love for their own country. In polls, the approval ratings of more liberal traitorous politicians who would want to give away Denmark to foreign invaders have fallen, and the leftist communist opposition, Social Democrats have promised not to change current immigration laws if they win the election but no one in its right mind would trust or believe anything a socialist would ever say. Immigration will always be a big no-no in Denmark which is a good thing for them, but even so, almost 10 percent of Denmark’s 5.5 million people are migrants, and the issue was a decisive one in the last election, in 2007.


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