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Severe voting fraud reported in Greek Euro Elections

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Statement Issued at 3pm Greek time. 8am New York time.

The Golden Dawn is urging all citizens to stand up for their civil rights and call it’s main office to report ballot tampering. Reports have already been pouring in with certain polling stations outright withholding Golden Dawn ballots.

The website makeleio.gr reported:

Panic from citizens who say they were not given all the ballots.

“In polling stations in Gizi (932), in Thisio (395) and second at the 1645 High School of Nea Ionia, they did not give all the ballots on the grounds that the parties are too numerous. But how is it that some very small parties are present and out of everything they forget Golden Dawn? They only target us? This is the junta coalition! “

Other reports are coming out such as one polling station where elderly Golden Dawn voters are screaming and furious, demanding the ballot for Golden Dawn. Tensions are running high.

Greek Euro Elections: Samaras Junta caught damaging ballot slips! Plot Foiled!

Early this morning right before elections began, in the following areas Golden Dawn ballot slips were found damaged and mutilated!

The obvious intent was that nobody would be there in time to replace the damaged ballots and get away with it.

Fortunately our representatives caught the illegal action and stopped them. So this time the process will run smoothly. The Samaras Junta is desperate to alter the outcome no matter how illegal the methods.

These are the following polling stations:

Second Piraeus

2nd Gymnasium Drapetsonas
13th Primary Keratsini
21st Primary Keratsini
6th Primary Keratsini
8th Primary Korydallos
7th Gymnasium Korydallos
5th Gymnasium Korydallos
3rd Lyceum Keratsini

A Piraeus

1st High School of Piraeus


91st in Athens Municipal Pagrati
126th Elementary in Athens Paggrati
18th City of Athens
56th High School of Athens
16o to Athens Municipal Ambelokipi

Greek Interior Ministry Reported Deleting Golden Dawn Votes and Adding New Democracy Votes!

As of 10pm Greek time 3pm New York time, exit polls are reporting Golden Dawn to be getting somewhere between 8-10% of the vote according to early counts.

However the regime of Samaras-Venizelos is in full panic and began to intervene in the results through the Ministry of Interior.

Unfortunately for them the officials are awake and detected the discrepancies. This is to be followed by complaints and lawsuits to those responsible for this clear violation of the people’s will.

We present some of the examples of obsolete results:

959 ET in A ‘Thessaloniki’ lost ’10 votes of the Golden Dawn

132 ET Halkidiki ‘lost’ 20 votes for the Golden Dawn

403 ET Magnesia added 1 vote for New Democracy

183 ET Argolida added 2 votes for SYRIZA

141 ET Argolida added 7 votes SYRIZA

103 ET Florina added for 6 SYRIZA votes and 2 votes for New Democracy

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  1. Sally Free says:

    They must be using the November 2012 US voting machines!

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