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New Democracy MEP to EU Parliament: "Let Greece Burn!"

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Many Greek-Americans naively assume that the Greek Politicians running Greece are simply “mismanaging” Greece. They assume that what has happened to Greece is the result of “poor business decisions” rather than a calculated planned destruction of our national autonomy. They want to assume that every Greek means well regardless of these “mistakes”.

This video will prove them wrong.

This video above made in the EU parliament in 2011 is of former LAOS member and current New Democracy MEP Niki Tzavela swearing her submission to EU International Loan Sharks, saying that if Greece must burn, so be it. Keep in mind that this is a statement from the supposed “Conservative” and “Patriotic” wing of the Greek political sprectrum.

One may be wondering, “How could any Greek politician openly speak about their country like this?” To understand that one must realize the arrogance of the Samaras-Venizelos Junta who have grown accustomed to the fact that most Greeks won’t pay attention. They have been doing this for almost 40 years and taking advantage of apolitical Greeks who say “I don’t believe in politics” who wouldn’t sit and watch hours of Euro Parliament speeches.

As Pericles once said, those who have no interest in politics, may one day find politics taking an interest in them. Now almost 3 years later, the result of this is clearly seen. Now more and more people are paying attention and the people’s nationalist movement continues to rise.

It is important to spread this to our people to destroy any doubt about these supposed “conservatives” goals. These are not bumbling fools who cannot manage Greek finance, rather as in the case of Niki Tzavela, these are American educated economists, determined to wreck our patrida and make us slaves!


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