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Moldova puts borders on alert over Ukraine crisis

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Moldova has ordered the country’s borders to go on a state of alert due to worsening security and escalating violence in neighboring Ukraine.

Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca and Parliament speaker Igor Coreman have announced in a joint statement that security forces had been ordered “to take all necessary actions to ensure public order inside the country.”

The top leaders failed to identify a specific threat, but “expressed their concern about the deterioration of the security climate in the region following the escalation of violence in Ukraine.”

The statement comes after Ukrainian forces deployed an elite national guard unit to the volatile port city of Odessa on Monday.

Earlier in the day, pro-Russian activists and Ukrainian troops clashed on the outskirts of the country’s eastern city of Slavyansk.

Pro-Moscow protesters in Ukraine continue to occupy a number of government, police and other administrative buildings in many cities and towns in the region.

Moldova’s breakaway Trans-Dniester region submitted a plea in March to the Russian parliament to draft a law that would incorporate the territory into Russia.

This is while, pro-Western Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti cautioned Moscow against trying to “annex” Trans-Dniester.
Moscow argues that Pridnestrovie – which is better known under names such as Transnistria or Trans-Dniester – meets the requirements for statehood under international law.

Moldova shares a 1,220 kilometer border with Ukraine, which is mostly controlled by pro-Russian separatists.


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  1. Бело says:

    Moldova same as Mexico, directly behind a fence. And actually on the friend Kontinente.

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