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Greek nationalist MEP takes a stand against Monsanto's GMO food

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Konstantinos Daikos, Greek MEP Candidate of the People’s Association – Golden Dawn

It’s been several years now since the fate of the seed trade was decided in a massive gathering. The American companies Monsanto and Dupont Pioneer, along with the Swiss Syngenta, today control about 60% of the world’s seed market. On the whole, the 10 biggest corporations in the field control about 80% of the global seed trade.

The danger created by this concentration is that they now wield unprecedented global power, through the control of food. The consequences of this are beyond political, with farmers and the environment itself having to suffer from serious problems. The companies mentioned above have begun to grow and market hybrid and genetically modified seeds, spending large sums of money in order to convince farmers to cultivate them.

For the international seed monopolies, hybrids are advantageous as they would force farmers to buy seeds from them every year, since they cannot use the previous years seeds. On top of this, with GMO seeds, the next year will have plants develop with different features or unable to multiply. With this method, these companies acquire control of farmers by holding hostage their crop. Deceptive marketing ploys for these seed include claims that hybrids are able to resist disease better than traditional seeds, after their scientists managed to create hybrids selected for these characteristics. What they hide is that you have to buy their special fertilizer and chemicals to be able to grow and sustain these mutant plants, which of course brings them additional financial benefit. It’s safe to say that these same scientists could find more efficient disease-resistant methods for traditional crops, but they of course refuse to do so, and the reasons are obvious.

Greeks should not forget that these companies have powerful ties and friendships with politicians, who consistently make decisions and adopt laws, which basically aimed at preventing farmers to have independent grain. One example of this is a regulation which obliges grain producers to buy “certified” (from these companies) supposed seeds, so they can receive public subsidies, which is very inappropriate, since grain subsidies have absolutely no connection with certified seed.

The big scam arrived on the verge of implementation in May 2013, via Brussels, with a “regulation on plant reproductive material”, which pretty much forbade the production of seeds and varieties of it that were not included in the “Community list” by all, even individuals. Therefore, farmers would be forced to buy the seeds being sold by companies mentioned in the beginning.

Their objective: The destruction of the conservation and cultivation of natural varieties of trees, cereals and vegetables. In the long term, the security of our food already was in immediate danger, since it is controlled by Airline companies who spray pesticides. The burden on the environment from the use of pesticides and fertilizers required would be tremendous, and finally the rural population itself would be bound to the will and malicious plans of these companies. Fortunately, at the moment, the committees of the European Parliament have rejected this regulation. But soon it will return to the table with the political shake up in the European Parliament, probably with even less likely to pass, but we should still not be complacent.

Greek and European nationalists must oppose their evil plans for complete control of our lives, even of our diet. Our strength and dynamism can unmask them and stop them in their tracks! The Golden Dawn is ready to draw the line and battle in the European Parliament. The lies must end and along with these the decades of attempts to confuse and dominate our lives in every way and mean, within and beyond our national borders. We can prevent their grandiose plans and help to guide agricultural production according to natural laws and for the benefit of the European people, not Monsanto!


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