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Germany needs more diversity - German president

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The 74 year-old German President, Joachim Gauck, has called on Germany to accept more of the policies that are causing Germans to become a minority in their own nation.

“Our country needs immigration,” Gauck said at Bellevue Palace, according to Spiegel.de. “We do not lose if we accept diversity.” […] “a great distance has already been covered.” […] “[however] all the side effects of immigration do not please everyone.”

He lamented the German people’s feelings towards immigrants: “A young woman from a Vietnamese family is accepted in the United States or in the UK as American or British. In contrast, Germany [often questions if immigrants really are German]” he said.

Gauck was at least honest enough to admit that immigrants do have their problems: “ghetto education, youth crime, patriarchal world views, homophobia, living off welfare, and truants.”

“There can be no mitigating circumstances given for [immigrant’s cultural customs] that are contrary to our laws.”

“[Tolerance] demands a lot from all of us: from those who arrive, and from those who need to open up to immigrants” […] “Being open is exhausting.”

“It matters not where immigrants come from and how they came – in the boat across the Mediterranean, or in the business class from overseas, as students, or as the family members of migrants: they are all now at home in Germany. This fills me with gratitude and joy,” Gauck said.

Germany is behind in “diversity”, compared to France, Sweden, or Britain, which is surprising because World War 2 is constantly used to beat Germans into a corner on just about any subject. It remains 95% White, whereas similar neighboring countries like the UK is 87% White, and France was estimated around 85% White in 2004.

Communists will no doubt be out in number to support President Gauck’s agenda, they love anything that results in multiculturalism.

Only European countries are expected to have all these destructive policies. Moving millions of non-European immigrants into Europe and then forcing everyone to accept a certain amount of immigrants will inevitably lead to a European minority, not only in the country at large, but in every area White people used to be the majority.

“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.” – Wesley Clark, U.S. general.

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  • Rob

    Yeeeah awesome, invite more of these uneducated bomb builders and criminal scumbags, beating our women and old ones. Everytime we try to defend us against immigrants we are simply called NAZI, they are practically allowed to do bullshiet we can only dream of! X(

    • The Druid

      You have to lobby the Government, organize and expose the zionists for what they are.

  • M. Winston

    This betokens the alienation of the modern western European. There is no solidarity with the indigenous population; there is no feeling for our culture and our historical heritage. Our Christian values are no longer central. In the name of cultural and ethical relativity it can as well be replaced with the beliefs of immigrants. This man has become completely alienated from his culture and his fellow beings. It is a great tragedy to see how far it has gone. In my country, Sweden, ethnic Swedes will be in the minority a few decades from now. It is a nightmare. I don’t understand why these alienated people don’t suffer moral qualms. They just don’t seem to care about anything except their own well-being.

    • The Druid

      I too wondered why the government were destroying our culture and heritage. It wasn’t till yesterday when i watched a movie by David Duke that it all made sense. The Zionist’s who control all the western governments want to destroy our identity lower our living standards,and dumb us down, so they can better control us. We are no more than slaves.

  • Intelligence

    What is wrong with these idiots in the EU government? Get rod of every immigrant. Africa is a shit hole because the people are scum. The worst mistake I. History was allowing those monkeys to run their own countries. If people in Europe are wise they will start listening to The educate people in France kicking these idiot Muslims out.

  • Missy

    I agree! Immigrants are dirty and need to get OUT NOW!!

    • Redbaron07

      Now that’s very funny coming from an American…..a country built solely from worldwide immigration! Aside from a small minority of Native Americans the rest of U.S population is immigrant based.

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