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French PM shocked by Euro Election Results

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French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has described the French patriotic and Eurosceptic party’s triumph in the European Parliament elections “a shock” and “an earthquake”.

Valls made the remark on Monday, a day after the EP elections were held in France.

The French prime minister’s ruling Socialist party suffered a humiliating defeat by falling to the third place with 14 percent of the votes, while the country’s patriotic National Front Party topped the vote as it garnered 26 percent of the electoral support.

“This election is more than a warning. It is a shock, an earthquake,” said Valls.

The French prime minister also admitted that one reason for the increased support for the National Front was public anger at years of tax hikes. Valls said the results of the vote shows that it is important for his government to push through spending cuts and tax cuts.

“Until unemployment falls, until purchasing power rises, until taxes fall, the French won’t believe us,” said Valls, unfortunately still failing to understand that the poor economy is not the only issue in France.

Recent gay-marriage legalization in France was met with hundreds of thousands of protesters that were ignored and the toxic uncontrolled illegal immigration are also huge problems created by the Socialists. French people are disgusted with these issues and chose the National Front as a cure for that. In addition, Valls called on Europe to boost support for growth and employment policies, still insisting on economic-related issues only.

With his comments, Manuel Valls probably believes that he can essentially buy people’s votes, just like buying products from a supermarket. Even if more money are given to the people, there are still two huge issues left unaddressed by the Socialists. Until these so-called democratic parties understand the real issues that are bothering French citizens, they will just keep falling down the spiral.

Early results show that Eurosceptic parties across the European Union have won over 130 seats in the 751-member parliament. The anti-EU parties saw gains not only in France but also in Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Greece.

The final results of the elections, which wrapped up on Sunday, and an exact allotment of parliamentary seats are expected to be announced by the end of Monday.

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2 Responses to " French PM shocked by Euro Election Results "

  1. Бело says:

    People in Europe want normal national identity – and not to be faceless units, who want to manage their homes. The rulers of European countries tired of peoples with their perverted experiments. Any patience ends. Brussels off!!! The U.S. off!!!

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  2. Бело says:

    Brussels away!!! The U.S. away!!!

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