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Denmark fully created in Minecraft virtual world

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The entirety of the Danish homeland has been translated into bricks in the virtual world of Minecraft with a view to enhanced education.

The model has been created by people from the Danish mapping arm of the government by putting about 4000 billion bricks together within the popular videogame. It takes up about 1TB (1000 GigaBytes).

It sports a navigation system and has been created from publicly available data on the country.

Danish Minister for the Environment Kirsten Brosbol said, “We have constructed Denmark online in Minecraft, so that young people can plant their own forests, establish a lake, riding school, biogas plant, wind turbine, and so on.” “This is our way of making a link between the digital and the natural worlds.”

“You can ‘go for a walk´ in the countryside anywhere in Denmark, and you can view any place in Denmark roughly in the same way as with Google Street View,” the Agency said.

“In the old days, the teacher would roll down the old map of Denmark in the class room and have the students slave over the names of the various regions of Denmark,” said Katrin Kristensen, a teacher.

“Pupils think it is much more fun when they are working with their own house, street, and so on,” she noted.


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