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Automaton Robots exhibition held in Moscow

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RoboThespian, a life-sized, interactive robot, which was created to move, speak, communicate, interact, and entertain, performs at Artplay Moscow exhibition center in Moscow, on May 14, 2014.

The Russian capital is hosting a unique event, dubbed ‘Ball of Robots,’ where automatons are exhibited entertaining attendees.

More than 20 robots from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, France, New Zealand, and more are on display during the event, which runs for a month from May 15 to June 15 in Moscow’s ARTPLAY center.

The exhibition was kicked off by “Titan,” which danced for the audience and made jokes. Robots like the RoboThespian from United Kingdom entertained the people with their personality by singing, dancing, reciting poems, and even speaking different languages.

“We tried to create a concept of a real ball. But not from a point of view of dancing, but a ball like a meeting place, place for communication, as a global platform where you can see many advanced robotic works that have never been in Russia before,” said Igor Nikitin, organizer for the event.

Addressing Russia’s robotic capabilities, he said, “We lack, as always, design a little bit, creativity and a bit more of understanding how to present our products on a global market. But, many succeed, and I am sure we will see (in Russia) more and more such successful teams!”


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