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90% oppose Islam in Czech Republic - Poll

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According to Praguepost.com, 90% of the 18,000 Czechs that took part in the European election calculator EUvox consider Islam a threat to the Czech people.

One third of Czech people strongly consider Islam a threat, but overall 90% of Czechs are opposed to it to a certain degree, with just 10% saying they did not oppose Islam.

Michaela Vojtková, from the Academy of Sciences Sociological Institute which conducted an analysis of the results said “The all-European comparison shows that Czech users of EUvox take stands that can be marked as the least tolerant of Islam. Islam is seen as a threat in the Czech Republic more than in France or the Netherlands, whose inhabitants have a direct experience with coexistence with the religious minority,”

“The results have shown that Europe is afraid of Islam. Practically all over Europe, there are no negligible groups of voters who believe that Islam threatens their cultural traditions…”

The sensible solution would be to close off the borders, but the globalist elite would rather flood Europe with people who are different, culturally, religiously and genetically.

Almost every European has open borders and this allows millions of non-European immigrants to pour in. The few that don’t are facing pressure to do the same.

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4 Responses to " 90% oppose Islam in Czech Republic - Poll "

  1. Damien says:

    Islam has destroyed my country and it’s still the reason for most deepest divisions. Islam, among with all other religions, is an insult to intelligence. Only way for us to shake it is with education, not violence.

    I would encourage all EU countries to oust fanatic believers and never let more in. Rip the hijab off woman’s body and ship them back if they refuse to wear anything else. Don’t let the “political correctness” destroy your country.

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  2. Muslim Woman and Human says:

    To Damien:

    We are all against any extermists or fanatics be them muslims or jews or whatever… I am muslim and I am against any fanatic or extremist muslims because religions are all about tolerance, respect of others believes and peace, but religions were never to be enforced, it’s to be “believed”. Unfortunately, it seems that Islam spreading in many parts in Europe and the world, is not representing true Islam and is only being spread by fanatics or extremists, which unfortunately, people is judging Eslam based on those fanatics behavior. Generalization is not fair. All Muslim Sheikhs of Azhar and Muslim University teaching Islam are against this ignorance of act and religion. People taking the lead of spreading this fanatic extremist “name” of Islam, are ignorant people being manipulated through ignorance of the translation of their own religion and are made to believe this is Islam.

    As long as any religion or belief respect your believes and doesn’t do you any harm, then you should respect this simple human right “freedom of belief”. I am surprised you are asking Czech people to grap veil from women’s heads and if they refuse they should be outsed from the country. Will you welcome the same if they told you the same in their Countries? people working in their countries and their wives and children have to wear Hijab or Niqab all the time or leave??? Is this freedom and human rights?

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  3. Egyptian says:

    Egypt is fighting those extremist and fanatic muslims, and so are many Gulf Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan…etc. Extremism is extremism. they are nothing but bad representation of Islam whom they don’t understand and are being manipulated to justify political interests. If you examine extremists and fanatics carefully, you will find them ignorant people and of very (if any) educational level). Those are the ones like Qaeda beleivers in Afghanistan. We, muslims, are all against their terrorism and extremism…this is not any Islam or any religion! I hope the world is sensible enough to understand that!

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  4. Damien says:

    Muslim woman and human,

    I understand your point, and I have been saying the same thing about the extemists and peaceful believers should not be confused. Religion should not be judged by the extreemist ideology. But I have changed.

    I’m from Turkey and my country is being destroyed by islamists. They think that noone but religious people can be trusted. You’re either with us or against us attitude. Ganging up on the people, forcing their values to others. Others that are not as fanatic as them, even though they believe Allah.

    A headscarf, simple piece of cloth is ruining my country. Why don’t you wear it, don’t you believe? Then automatically every scarf wearer is believer and all else are enemy. Is this the religion of peace and tolerance? Its spreading like disease among uneducated, stupid people and there are no shortage of them anywhere in the world.

    And I think, what if it wasn’t here? What if we never adopted the religion? Could it be worse than it is now? I think not. Religion, especially islam divides people, creates conflict and enemy. Just look at the countries adopted Islam. Worse in the world. They kill each other like no other religion does. You’re from Egypt, imagine if this division was not there, how peaceful your country would be.

    Generalization is not good. It hurts honest, peaceful people. But threat that Islam introduces is much greater danger. If you believe wearing Hijab will make you a believer, will get you to heaven, don’t leave your country. Stay where you are. If you want to travel to EU, do as europeans do. Just like Iran is forcing people to wear headscarf, EU should force people to remove it.

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