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44% of Swedes want less immigration yet 2015 law will ban opposing views

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A survey conducted by the Swedish TV station, ‘Sifo‘ shows that an increasing number of Swedes think that Sweden accepts too many immigrants.

According to the survey, 44% of Swedes think Sweden has too many immigrants, which rose from a survey last year, that found 37% agreed there were too many immigrants.

This year’s survey found that 36% did not feel strongly about immigration, and only 10% wanted more immigration.

So why is it that a democratic country does not get what it wants? Simple, there is an ongoing program of genocide afoot, which is intended to outright destroy Swedish people, or at least turn us into a minority. There can be no voting for that now, can there?

Did you know that around 2015, there will be a new law in Sweden that makes it a crime to criticize immigration? When you are in power, you don’t have to debate your opponents; you can just criminalize their words.

If they are not allowed to talk about certain things, they cannot represent people’s views, therefore can be no true democracy. Freedom of speech is a required in order to have a democracy.

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