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Volcanic “Red Alert” Issued For Idaho By EMERCOM Scientists

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A warning issued today by the Ministry of the Russian Federal for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) has advised the World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO) that a “Red Alert” status level for the Borah Peak Mountain in Idaho (North America/United States) may be warranted in the coming weeks due to increased volcanic-seismic activity detected by both ground and satellite observations.

This is the second such warning issued by EMERCOM this year and follows their 24 January prediction that an earthquake and ensuing tsunami are expected to strike off the southwestern coast of Sakhalin Island, to the north of the epicenter of the 2 August 2007 6.2 magnitude earthquake in the town of Nevelsk that had, likewise, been successfully predicted by Russian scientists.

Important to note about EMERCOM predictions is that unlike their Western counterparts, Russian scientists suggest four new techniques for long-range prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which are universal and can be applied to all of the regions of the earth.

This type of forecasting has no psychic aspects to it at all, and is called “phase trajectory technique.” It concerns a simultaneous analysis of periodic and quasi-periodic space rhythms, which involve many factors that have a great effect on these terrible formations, including but not limited to lunar tides and solar cycles.

The “Red Alert” status for Borah Peak Mountain (the largest in Idaho), this report states, means that an eruption is forecast to be imminent with significant emission of ash into the atmosphere likely.

First arousing EMERCOM concerns about Borah Peak Mountain, this report continues, was the 4.8 magnitude earthquake which struck the Yellowstone Caldera (Supervolcano) on 30 March that was the largest trembler to hit this region in nearly 30 years and was preceded by a series of small earthquakes in central Idaho and accompanied by a near simultaneous 3.1 magnitude earthquake occurring near Borah Peak Mountain on the same date.

Prompting the EMERCOM warning about Borah Peak Mountain to WOVO, this report says, was yesterdays (12 April) 4.9 magnitude earthquake in central Idaho near the city of Challis, which on 28 October 1983 suffered a 6.9 magnitude earthquake which killed two children.

Critical to note about Borah Peak Mountain and central Idaho, this report says, is that it is a part of what is called the Internmountain Seismic Belt (ISB) [photo map 1st right] which extends from Southern California and connects many of the Western United States regions, most particularly the Yellowstone Caldera, and is overdue for a catastrophic volcanic eruption event.

As to how seismically violent this region is, EMERCOM in their report further notes, the 1983 Borah Peak Mountain earthquake ranks as one of the most powerful earthquakes in the 20th century in the lower 48 US States and produced a 21 mile long scarp that was raised at points as much as 14 feet and is still visible today.

Of greatest concern to EMERCOM scientists regarding Borah Peak Mountain volcanic activity, this report says, are the growing number of fracking operations currently being allowed in the ISB regions which are now at the very edge of the Yellowstone Caldera, including its two most seismically active States, Nevada and Idaho.

Most perplexing, this report says, are that these fracking operations in the ISB volcanic zone are being allowed to continue by the Obama regime in spite of their own experts findings and recommendations, especially from this past weeks report from their Midwestern region which, in part, states:

“Ohio geologists have found a probable connection between fracking and a sudden burst of mild earthquakes last month in a region that had never experienced a temblor until recently, according to a state report.

The quake report, which coincided with the state’s announcement of some of the nation’s strictest limits on fracking near faults, marked the strongest link to date between nerve-rattling shakes and hydraulic fracturing — the process of firing water, sand and chemicals deep into the earth to eject oil and natural gas out of ancient rock.

Last month, Ohio indefinitely shut down Hilcorp Energy’s fracking operation near the Pennsylvania border after five earthquakes, including one magnitude-3 temblor that awoke many Ohioans from their sleep.”

As to the space rhythms, lunar tides and solar cycle analysis prompting this “Red Alert” volcanic warning for Borah Peak Mountain, this EMERCOM report concludes, they are partly based upon the coming Blood Moon Tetrad Cycle due to begin this week on 15 April and conclude on 28 September 2015.


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18 Responses to " Volcanic “Red Alert” Issued For Idaho By EMERCOM Scientists "

  1. toirama says:

    Why do you always link these BS whatdoesitmean.com stories about so-called ‘Russian gov. agency’ reports predicting god knows what, god knows where. I know you dont believe them. Just hit whoring?

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  2. Earth says:

    If you don’t like, then don’t come to this website.
    Go elsewhere.
    We do not appreciate such comment.
    It does not say much about the person that writes such comment.

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    Rating: +7 (from 15 votes)
    • Damien says:

      I can tell one thing about the person who makes the comments like toirama, he does not like the BS. Especially type of BS that Sorch Fall spreads without shame. Tell you one thing though, if missing Malasian flight turns to be in Diego Garcia, I’ll take everything back and appologise to everyone.

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      Rating: +2 (from 4 votes)
  3. JAM says:

    Do not know where your resources are, but could not find a bone anywhere on the Russian references.


    or WOVO.

    Submit your site references!

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    Rating: +3 (from 9 votes)
  4. JES says:

    Great; why couldn’t I have seen this yesterday?? I just ordered 3 new books that I might not have time to read since I LIVE IN IDAHO!! Oh well, no worries; if this report is true I won’t need them as I will be able to go direct to the source with my questions!!

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    Rating: +1 (from 3 votes)
  5. Don says:

    How come the EMERCOM site you link to, does not list this report or show any results for Borah Peak Mountain?

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
    • Don says:

      Likewise, the World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO) site has nothing on this report. Either it is not credible or they haven’t the means to verify it?

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      Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  6. Brady says:

    I live about 80 miles away from Mount Borah and have lived in Idaho my entire life. I can say definitively that Mount Borah is not and has never been an active volcano. The Yellowstone Caldera is over 200 miles to the East (at it’s closest) of Mount Borah and between both lies the Snake River Plain: a massive flat field of basalt left over from the track of a hotspot across Southern Idaho. The hotspot is what currently lies underneath Yellowstone.

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  7. Paul Miranda says:


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    • Paul Miranda says:

      …the area is part of the Intermountain Seismic Belt, which runs from near West Yellowstone, Mont., through Yellowstone National Park and south into the Wasatch Mountains, with a branch into central Idaho. …not a specific fault line, but an area of high seismic activity.

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  8. methat Iare says:

    Hey Everyone do not click on the title of this article – it leads to a fraudulent Java Update that causes a web attack on your computer – assholes!!!!!!!

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  9. Paul Miranda says:

    Donna, the bottom of that article in the link you posted says “this EMERCOM report concludes, they are partly based upon the coming Blood Moon Tetrad Cycle due to begin this week on 15 April and conclude on 28 September 2015.”

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  10. Maria says:

    The links provided for this red alert do not validate the story, RSOE have taken down the information. Russian disinfo. http://mariamuir.com/red-alert-status-level-borah-peak-mountain-idaho/

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  11. Dan says:

    I have always said that I don’t like the idea of Fracking. We are putting
    water and sand and whatever to force extraction of oil and natural gas.
    The problem is that it took millions of years for the Earth to harden in
    the current state. MOST of it stable; until we started to screw around with
    Mother Nature. Since then we have experienced more seismic, climate and
    other various types of CHANG in this and other countries. Me, I believe that
    we are a greedy species and need to step back and look at the BIG PICTURE
    before a CATACLYSMIC event occurs. Just my opinion.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
    • Susan says:

      :) I would give you a Gold Star but for some reason can’t. You are totally right. The Governments are very greedy. Obambam has put a gag order on yellow stone. I guess that is for Russia also. Well we will get the truth out of somebody.Fracking is killing our floride water also. Yes, it lights with a bic lighter. It is a shame that this is being done to our beautiful world. HAARP has killed so many people. Now we are getting burried in Chem Trails. When they smother us I know they are up to some thing or hiding some thing. I will never trust them. They ALL need to go to jail.. Love and Light. Please heads up Dan you never know what you will see.

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