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US Government Promoting Islam in Czech & other European countries

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The Czech government has approved a new project funded by the US State Department, which is trying to promote Islam to Czech public school children and convert them across the country and other European countries, such as France and Spain.

The project which is called Muslims in the Eyes of Czech Schoolchildren is being financed with American taxes from a grant the US Embassy in Prague gave them.

According to the group, the Czech Ministry of Education has given permission to Muslims in the Eyes of Czech Schoolchildren to hold pro-Muslim lectures and seminars aimed at “teaching Czech school children about Islamic beliefs and practices” and at “fighting stereotypes and prejudices about Muslims.”

One lecture answers questions such as: “What makes a young Czech woman want to become a Muslim?”, “It is the main motive always falling in love with a Muslim man or are there other reasons?”, and “How does one convert to Islam?”.

The group recently had a promotional advert, saying it would pay 250 korunas (about $13 dollars) to teenage students who attended a two-hour presentation about Islam.

The group also wants to re-write school textbooks making sure there is “accuracy of the information about Islam in Czech textbooks”, the group’s website says.

The second step, they write, is to put programs in place that will “acquaint both pupils and teachers with Islam and Muslims” helping them to develop better “critical reception skills”.

Or in other words “re-education” – teaching people what to they should and should not think.

Lukas Lhot’an, a former Muslim, wrote a book called Islam and Islamism that describes how some Muslims are taking advantage of multicultural policies to convert Europe to Islam.

Muslims have tried to ban the book, filing a 10 page criminal complaint on the grounds that it offends them.

Muslims make around 0.1% (about 10,000 out of 10.4 million people) of the Czech Republic, but it is quickly growing – increasing by 2000% since 1991.

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  • Defiant

    What a suprise, they are worse than the nazi regime was in WWII thats for sure, and like the nazis they will also fail.

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  • Billy

    It appears that the objective is to teach tolerance, acceptance and peace as it related to people of different culture, language etc. Check your history, the Nazis taught exactly the opposite. I am not sure why you are opposed to these peaceful objectives.

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  • Ken Lee

    To Billy — Why is there the need to ram down “tolerance” down the throats of (white) Europeans only. There are few muslims in Czech Rep and are hardly noticeable. What is there the need for such efforts and to pay to get to know islam? Further, it is not enough to know about islam but they are TAUGHT HOW TO CONVERT!! Is this not clearly a very blatant form of islamic propagation !!!

    Czech is a beautiful counry rich with culture & history, much of it Christian. Unfortunately few of the people esp in the large cities now practise Christianity (thanks to the toxic Marxist doctrine) and this means it is likely ripe for Islamic propagation and some quarters can surely smell it…

    Why doesn’t the US Government channel the effort instead to opening up the SAUDI ARABIANS, Arab countries to acceptance of other religions instead? Yes in case you forget, Saudi Arb DOES NOT PERMIT other religions to be practised – it is an OFFENSE.

    What they could not do 5 centuries ago by the Ottoman barbarians is being carried out with ease in Western Europe and now starting in Eastern Europe…with help of US Govn to boot.

    The muslim communities only preach “peace” when they are small in number – but when they grow, even as a small but significant 20-25% of population, they will want to have a say in Government and even dictate how the entire country should be run. Take it from me I live in an always tenuous situation in a 55% muslim majority country – we non-muslim minorities have rights but we ALWAYS have to give in to the majority. Else, there would be repercussions and even bloodshed. Obama was recently in my country and made but a passing statement about oh how muslims here should be more tolerant and that’s it. No programmes to teach the Muslims about Christianity, buddhism, hinduism etc…..

    I sincerely hope the US Government FAILS such that they will have no more capability to mess about in other countries and cause havoc every where. And all the best to the American people to break free from their Government tyranny.

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