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Ukraine stops Russian gas transit

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Ukraine has stopped pumping Russian gas to its underground storages as Ukraine does not accept the natural gas price of $485 per 1,000 cubic meters.

Russia has recently eliminated a gas discount it had given Ukraine, arguing that it was tied to a lease for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet base in Crimea peninsula.

Officials say they are ready to pay $268 while Russia pointed to $2.2 billion debt Ukraine owes Moscow for gas deliveries.

As Ukraine offered no payments, Russia threatened to start charging Ukraine in advance.

While some say a new gas stand-off is unfolding, experts suggest Ukraine finally gives serious thought to energy efficiency.

These young Ukrainians are working hard on alternative energy projects. However, they say the state seems to pay little attention to their inventions.

As the dispute seems to be long lasting, Ukraine urged its partners in the European Union to help diversify energy carriers supplies.

Ukraine says if no agreement is reached over gas price with Russia, it will take the case to the Stockholm arbitration.


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