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Ukraine stops Russian gas transit

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Ukraine has stopped pumping Russian gas to its underground storages as Ukraine does not accept the natural gas price of $485 per 1,000 cubic meters.

Russia has recently eliminated a gas discount it had given Ukraine, arguing that it was tied to a lease for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet base in Crimea peninsula.

Officials say they are ready to pay $268 while Russia pointed to $2.2 billion debt Ukraine owes Moscow for gas deliveries.

As Ukraine offered no payments, Russia threatened to start charging Ukraine in advance.

While some say a new gas stand-off is unfolding, experts suggest Ukraine finally gives serious thought to energy efficiency.

These young Ukrainians are working hard on alternative energy projects. However, they say the state seems to pay little attention to their inventions.

As the dispute seems to be long lasting, Ukraine urged its partners in the European Union to help diversify energy carriers supplies.

Ukraine says if no agreement is reached over gas price with Russia, it will take the case to the Stockholm arbitration.


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  • JoeW

    Really? The Ukrainians owe $2.2 billion to Russia, but they do not want to pay and on the top of that they threaten with action in Stockholm? Not that it would matter much to the Russians. Just like the internationalist Progressives – the EU cabal is part of that direction, I call it crony, monopolistic Capitalism, much like Obama’s America today: they want something for nothing or below market price – especially when the market price is determined when they have no leverage at all. Ukraine is unfolding something like Syria where the USA supported the Muslim Brotherhood. In the Ukraine they seem to harbor anti-Semitic fascists and Islamists using the cover of democracy saying they want to join the EU when in reality the agenda may have other intentions as well.

    Not that I am a friend of Putin, he is a dictator just like uncle Joe Stalin but there is always two sides of the coin. I do not believe what the Ukrainians say and I do not believe what the Russians say. They all lie.

    By the way, I know for a fact that the Ukrainians are mistreating other minorities as well not just the Russians.

    • Defiant

      Why would be Putin a dictator? He was elected by the people the majority loves him, and he definately works to better his country, he doesnt becomes a dictator just because he opposes the globalists, or should they repeat elections until somebody is elected the US. likes? I guess thats freedom ala US. style,lol.

      I can agree with the first part of your comment though.

      Russia is made up of many different nationalities,biggest being ethnic Russian, I would say they dont have a bigger problem with racism than the US. France or the UK.

    • JoeW

      I said dictator not from the point of view how he was elected or what he does for his people – by the way I agree with you that he is against the globalists and it is an achievement itself since most EU countries and the USA are for a globalist government takeover. However, a decent head of state does not invade another country in the 21st century. Hitler was elected, 90% of the Germans loved elected him and he invaded several countries. So according to your definition does Putin equal to Hitler? I do not believe it is the case but your reasoning leaves that avenue open.

      • Defiant

        Thats a pretty bad comparsion because Hitler wanted world domination or like you guys call it full spectrum dominance, the Russians only want that they have their buffer zones and be left alone.
        How many countries did the US. invade recently or in how many proxy wars is it involved, Crimea was always Russian for hundreds of years and there were wars fought for it in the past,Khrushchev gave it to the Ukrainans as a gift in the late 50’s fun fact is that he himslef was also ukrainan not Russian, so the population is about 70% Russian, and Crimea harbors their Black Sea Fleet and port for hundreds of years, that makes it pretty much Russian, also that all wouldnt have happened if not the coup in Kiev wich was US. supported as usual with local nazis.

    • sync99

      “Not that I am a friend of Putin, he is a dictator just like uncle Joe Stalin” Are you totally of your mind? and Muslim Brotherhood was in Egypt, not Syria but what can one expect from well educated American.

      • JoeW

        Hey pal, let me break the news to you: the Muslim Brotherhood is in EVERY Muslim and many non-Muslim countries to a lesser or greater degree, including the more moderate Muslim ones like Marocco, Jordan,UAE and believe it or not, even in the USA. Do your research. You are right in that that Egypt was the more visible one mainly because the Muslim Brotherhood was started in Egypt. You are deceived by what you immediately see without seeing the lower layers of this problem.

        And yes, Putin is a dictator not only because he invades other sovereign country – in this case the Ukraine – but because he sends political opponents to jail using kangaroo courts. Enough said.

        And yes, what do I expect from the “highly educated” Russian or Russin sympathizer?

        Oh yes, one more thing: I am not American, I am Canadian spending some time in he USA. You are assuming too many things pal. Rely on the facts.

  • JoeW

    I agree 100% with you on the historical points you are making, the Crimean background, Khrushchev ‘gesture’ to the Ukrainians and the Ukrainians coup d’etat.

    However we agree to disagree about the invading part of the Ukraine even if it belonged to the Russians. What would happen if all countries started to invade other countries to remedy the past?

    In any case I see you are from Hungary, if I am not mistaken, or at least you use a Hungarian IP address at the present time. A personal question: are you a Russian living in Hungary? After what was done to Hungary by the Russians from 1948 until 1990 (not to mention the 1848 Hungarian revolution), I do not believe many Russians are openly welcome in Hungary by the Hungarians – I am a history buff so I know my stuff.

    One other point: Hungary has a better case for Transylvania and other parts of old-Hungary than the Russians for Crimea, since they more or less always belonged to Hungary for about 900 years until the 1920 Trianon Treaty (or Dictum) between Hungary and the French, British and USA alliance. Since then the almost 100-year national assimilation by the succession states put a stranglehold on the large Hungarian minorities (largest minorities in Europe) so they are rapidly losing their national identity.


    • Defiant

      Respect You really know your stuff, Im Hungarian and according to my family history Im not aware of any Russian heritage, I just dont like double standards and hipocrisy, when millions die in wars fought for oil and strategical locations breaking international law on multiple points thats “ok” but when the Russians protect their own people and assets thats a no no I cant accept that, sorry.
      When history clearly shows us something is that people like to take revenge unfortunately it also shows us that they always do it to inocent people and on a mass scale, Russians did fought Hungary more than one time we lost our chance of independence because of it in 1848-49 and than again in 56, and the barbarian atrocities they comitted in 45 here and in Germany, but most of these people are dead now should I hate their children and grand children because of the crimes of their forefaters, Im not willing to commit the same crime as they did with us, what I see today is that Russia is becoming the new US. while the US. is sliding into nazi germany, Russians are probably more free at the moment than you guys they are getting stronger while the US. falls apart and thats not easy to say for me because I like many aspects of your culture and the people. The US. fought blody wars with the British, and Japan for example, do you hate them because of this?

      The WWI “peace treaty” was nothing more than the setup of WWII many knew that even back than, I think a French general I cant recall his name stated that “gentleman we just bought ourselves 20 years of peace, not more”
      You are right about Hungarian minorities but they are valiantly defending their heritage and culture and they can now vote in Hungary or they can move here if they wish, acquiring Hungarian citizenship has been made easy for them, usually its a very lenghty process that are only a few are willing to do if you are a foreigner, on the other hand with the advent of the EU and the Schengen agreement there are no borders anymore so you can come and go when ever you want from other EU countries like in the states in the US. so that aspect brought as a little bit closer I think.
      Im not a socialist nor do I like it but I also dislike crony capitalism like in the US. all that said its a common misconception that Hungary was a very bad place to live from 48 to 89 in case of Romania thats true, but after 1956 the Russians made a deal with us, they let us some freedom and in excanhge we stayed in the Warsaw Pact, the thaw was already noticable in the early 60’s where most of the beligrents in the 1956 Revolution got amnesty after that we could deflect from the Soviet style planned economy to a similar one that China uses today, and from the 70’s you could travel to the west, first only 3 times a year than in the early 80’s unlimited most people came back, I was a kid back than and I enjoyed it very much Vienna and other major cities were only a couple of hours away with car, it made a nice weekend holiday, so the brutal opression is true but only to a point the rest has to be taken with a grain of salt, East Germans were not that lucky so they only could travel to the West via Hungary but we had to decide whether to let them go through or just keep them behind the “iron curtain” we decided to let them go basically that was the end of the Iron curtain wich for us was only symbolic anyways but for them it was hard reality, it was a very good feeling seeing families unite it cant really be described one has to see it and all that with our help that makes me a little bit proud:)
      Sorry I was a bit lenghty.

      • JoeW

        It was Ferdinand Foch, French General, who said: “This is not peace. It is an armistice for 20 years”. He was at odds with the rest of the gang like Clemenceau and David Loyd George.

        In any case you have several points I agree with and several I disagree with. What I strongly disagree with is the idealization of Communism in Hungary after 1956. I do not know how old you are but people tend to forget. As the saying goes: “an idiot is born every minute”. I did not mean that you are an idiot, in fact you know your staff well, I just wanted to exemplify the essence of what I am saying, that is, people tend to forget from one generation to the next.

        Regarding the Russians: if you study history you know that over the centuries the Russian Empire was an imperialistic power invading neighboring countries and making them part of the Russian Empire. So this is tightly coupled to your comment that Putin just wants a buffer and has nothing to do with the behavior like that of Hitler. Time will tell what Putin wants.

        And no, you should not hate the children and grandchildren of the people who caused suffering to many millions under the red flag and the hammer and sickle, but you should be realistic, if you study history, to know what Russia as a state may want and wanted and how she behaves and behaved. That’s all. They are not any better than the American Empire.

        You written English is very good, I wonder where you learned it.

        By the way, I am Canadian and currently spending some time in the USA.

        • Defiant

          Im impressed that you knew the name of the french general, and even the quote, thumbs up:)
          Anyways, Im not idealizing communism I just stated facts that are from first and second hand experience through me, my family and my friends, I told you it was gradually getting better like ice thawing up, I dont regard it as communism by the way its a myth that communism was ever implemented anywhere it was socialism not the one thats now common in the EU or Canada but the hardcore one and like I said Im not for it, but I see things a bit different I lived in both systems and I havent got the usual education that Russians are the bad guys “the Russians are comming the Russians are comming” style, I guess the red scare the nuke drills and the McCharthy era branded more than one generation to hate the Russians, but there is no Soviet-Union anymore and looking at the facts the Ruskies are far more peacefull than the US. in recent history, I mean how can you compare Iraq or Afghanistan or the proxy wars in Libya and Syria the list goes on with Crimea I think one guy was shot accidentally and even that by an ukrainan, but I dont want to be lenghty again.
          I dont underestime Russians nor do I think that they are a teddy bear but I neither think that they are a threat to other countries but if the US. continues to poke them in the eye while using the EU as a battering ram than everything is possible its never a good idea to corner a nuclear super power and looking at the map the endgame is just that to surround the Russians for isolation or for a future invasion.
          The US still does invade countries like in the past, their Southern states were stolen from the French or Mexico, wich is ironic since french helped them against the British in their war for independence, I think they also fought with Canada but you guys managed to kick them out, anyways I would like to see a US. of A. again which has a moral compass and follows the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

          Well thank you thats kind from you but it could be a bit more polished I often make mistakes wich I usually recongzine only after I hit the enter:) I will forward your acknowledgment to my former english teacher :) , Thank You.

          • Defiant

            underestime=underestimate I hate being a grammar nazi on myself. wtf “recognize” too, I hope that wont develop into an OCD:\

          • JoeW

            You do not need to apologize for the mistakes, you should see the ‘graduates’ from High Schools in the USA. In some areas a large percentage of them (in some inner city areas 60% or more) is functional illiterate – by this I mean they can read but they can not comprehend or fill out a simple form.

            Interesting that you brought up McCarthy. Now it is recognized that he was correct, the Soviet Union spent billions of dollars to mis-inform, dis-inform and weaken the USA from within over several decades starting with the early McCarthy era and ending with the US losing in Vietnam. Now it is widely accepted in the USA that McCarthy was correct in assuming that Communist operatives were planted at various levels of the US Government. This is a fact but I am sure this is not published widely in Russia, in the EU member-countries or in the ex-Communist Central European countries, or in any countries since there is some nostalgia about Communism after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Even today in Russia 60% or more still either sad or has mixed feelings about the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Currently over 40 members (out of 435) of the House of Representatives (Lower House) in the USA admits strong ties with CPUSA (Communist Party of USA) or strong sympathy with the party. Not to mention the ones in the closet. Obama is a Marxist plant – just remember what he said in January, 2009 at his first inauguration: “I want to fundamentally change America” referring to the ‘redistribution of wealth”. I am sure you have not studied Marxism-Leninism, but this phrase (“redistribution of wealth”) comes straight out from Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” published in 1848. In that publication Marx constantly referred to “class struggle” which is the basis of President Obama’s mode of operation. Marxists, Socialists, Communists need to divide and fan the fire of class struggle, otherwise they would be out of business. Obama is constantly doing that by the black agenda, the gay agenda, the Hispanic agenda, the invented war on women agenda and so on. Just wanted to let you know that the current Capitalism in the USA is not what made the US a great country in the past. You call it Crony Capitalism (the term I agree with) and I also call it Monopolistic or State Capitalism where Obama is depending on a few large and super-large corporations while waging war on small and medium size businesses which are the main job creators in the USA. It is easier to control a few thousands of large corporations than a few millions of small and medium size businesses which are traditionally very conservative. Interestingly this was Hitler’s mode of operation – relying on super large businesses which were controlled by the Nazi Party. In fact there is not much difference between National Socialism and Bolshevik Socialism. In both cases the “means of production” (again a term by Karl Marx) are controlled by the elite. The difference is that in Bolshevik Socialism the “means of production” are owned and controlled by the state, while in case of National Socialism the “means of production” are owned by the corporation (so private ownership is the norm) but all these corporations are controlled by the Nazi Party.

            This is in nutshell what they have in the USA and this is why they are going down the drain.

            Sorry about the lengthy post, I think I want to stop here because if I keep talking about how this Chicago Marxist plant is ruining the USA (and with her will go down Canada since they are jointed at the hip) my blood pressure will spike – just half-joking. In any case, I will stop our interaction with you right here but I am pleased that you, as a younger person, can see the danger of world-government which wants to take away the sovereignty of countries and assert full control over them.

            I wish you all the best in the future, god bless you and your loved ones.


  • Defiant

    First of all Thank You for the best wishes the same for You, I also enjoyed our conversation very much, it was refreshing, my respect for Canadians just went up and Im not joking, its interesting that you guys are still a lot more sharp than the avarage south from you.

    I agree with your last post but lets go one step further, McCharthy did not fall out of favor because he found out that commies are in the govt but because he realized that the whole thing is a set up and basically the whole govt is working for the commies with a few exceptions, they were and are run by the bank(st)ers, nazis and soviets were too, its only the opposite side of the same coin, call it divide and conquer or the hegelian dialectic, they controll the US. since at least 1913 with the set up of the FED wich is as federal as FedEx, I dont speak from low level bankers but from groups and families, these guys think in 100+year plans, I think the 2 world wars especially the second one were a set up just like the Soviet Union or the “new” US. or the EU all their plan, I told you I dont like it and I think neither do you.
    Unfortunately McCharty was far from being sophisitcated and like usual he went on a crusade punishing people that were mostly inocent probably that was the start to tear down Hollywood by the globalists and to take it over for their agenda, suprisingly enough they still make a few good movies here and there, they first had to tear it down and make it the cesspit that its today, well basically whole California is the same, ironic that McCharty basically gave the banksters exactly what they wanted and than he was thrown away like a squeezed lemon.
    Anyways I hope they wont prevail in the end because that would be the end of Humanity, I surely dont have to tell you who they work for at the very top, lets just leave it by that.

    Again thank you for that conversation I hope to see you around on other topics aswell in the future.


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