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Russian Agent “Missing” In Detroit Was Tracking Bio/Nuke Device

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A highly troubling report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense for President Putin states that the GRU Senior Lieutenant who “disappeared” in Detroit, Michigan this past week was part of a surveillance team that had been tracking a “nuclear/biological” device from its originating site in Libya, its air transit to Canada, and then its entrance into the United States.

According to this report, the now missing and presumed dead Senior Lieutenant first notified his assigned GRU station on 8 February that he had been abducted and stabbed repeatedly by two US Federal agents, stripped naked, had his wrists put into plastic tie restraints, was hurled into a van and then dumped in a warehouse in Detroit.

Unknown to his attackers, this report continues, all GRU field agents are equipped with “near-micro” satellite communication devices concealed within their bodies which this Senior Lieutenant was able to activate upon his freeing himself from the constraints upon his wrists.

Realizing the dire health condition of this Senior Lieutenant, this report says, it was immediately determined that in order to ensure his survival, all security protocols would have to abandoned at which point his satellite call was then transferred to the Detroit Police Departments 911 emergency call center.

Interesting to note, this report says, is that upon the Detroit Police Department first receiving the call from the Senior Lieutenant’s GRU station (not named but presumably not in the US) regarding his life-and-death situation, they then requested a “direct call” so as to utilize their satellite tracking systems to ascertain his exact location.

Most unfortunately, GRU intelligence analysts in this report say, was that the Detroit Police Department was unable to track the Senior Lieutenant’s call as his “micro communication device” was equipped with Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) rather than its US counterpart known as Global Positioning System (GPS).

Nevertheless, this report continues, the Detroit Police Department undertook a “heroic” search [photo 2nd left] to find the severely wounded Senior Lieutenant’s location, and as verified by the Michigan Live News Service, who in their article titled New Findings Support Authenticity Of 911 Caller Claiming To Be Kidnapped Russian Soldier Trapped In Detroit Warehouse, states:

“A man with a Russian accent called 911 twice Tuesday morning. He sounded distressed, police say. He said he’d been kidnapped, stabbed and was being held captive in an abandoned Detroit warehouse. Trying to help the dispatcher locate him, the man mentioned a river and street names that could have been Jefferson and Chene.

Police say the caller claimed to be a Russian soldier on vacation in Detroit. And he called from a Russian phone number, Detroit Police Chief James Craig revealed Wednesday.

What occurred after the call was an epic manhunt. As many as 60 law enforcers from the Detroit Police Department and partner agencies spent the next 10 hours searching 35 warehouses from the former Packard plant south to the Detroit River.”

Most troubling to report, GRU intelligence analysts in this report say, was that immediately after the Detroit Police Department began their “epic” search for this Senior Lieutenant, all contact from his “micro communication device” were jammed by a device known to be used solely by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and it is presumed that he has now died.

As to the “nuclear/biological” device the Senior Lieutenant and his team were tracking this report does not mention; but does note that it is “most assuredly” linked to the GRU’s warning earlier this week for all Ministries to “prepare for doomsday” as fears grow about the Western worlds response to the expected collapse of the global banking system later this month that Edward Snowden documents have revealed is a “staged event” the Obama regime has been secretly planning and refers to as “The Grand Cardinal Cross Crisis.”

Critical to note, too, is that former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, and co-founder of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts, joined the GRU in issuing a “doomsday warning” this week by stating either a total collapse of the Western economies or World War is now looming, and as he stated:

“One of two things is likely: Either the US dollar will be abandoned and collapse in value, thus ending Washington’s superpower status and Washington’s threat to world peace, or Washington will lead its puppets into military conflict with Russia and China. The outcome of such a war would be far more devastating than the collapse of the US dollar.”

As to if the American people themselves will be warned about the storm ready to hit them it appears less likely as the highly influential Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression has just named the Obama regime as this year’s top winners of a dubious award, named the “Jefferson Muzzle”, extended to those considered to be “responsible for some of the more egregious or ridiculous affronts to First Amendment principles”.


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