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Riots break out in Tel Aviv between Israelis and Sudanese

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In the last few days violent racial riots broke out in Tel Aviv, something that has not been mentioned by the Western media. African migrants, mostly Sudanese, marched in the capital of Israel protesting against the government of Netanyahu. The reason for the protest was the demand for refugees to be given asylum in Israel and for the Israelis to stop treating them as second-class human beings.

Israeli counter-demonstrators with Israeli national flags screamed “deport all immigrants!” And “leave our country!”. They attacked the African refugees resulting in a string of violent incidents. Police arrested 17 people on charges of vandalism and violent beatings. The counter-demonstrators smashed shop windows employing African immigrants, burned cars with Africans inside and savagely beat the protesters.

The Israeli counter-demonstrators were supporting members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) Miri Regev, who took part in the violence stated that “The Sudanese are a cancer in our body.” This was reported in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz which unlike the US and EU press, reports stories for Jewish consumption.

The African protesters complained about the problem of asylum, blaming the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who have demanded detention and deportation of all refugees and migrants coming from Africa. In a radio interview, the interior minister said that the Sudanese and Eritrean migrants are responsible for rising crime and violence and that they can not condemn someone who avenges the Israeli assault or rape of his daughter by Africans. It was stressed no woman is safe in the evening on the streets of Tel Aviv and this is due to African immigrants.

After these events took place in the capital of Israel and in light of the statements by Israeli officials, where is American Jewish Committee leader David Harris? Where is he to protest to the government of Israel and it’s racist violence brought against African immigrants? Also where is the demand for the resignation of Parliament Member Miri Regev and Minister Eli Yishai for their racist statements expressing hatred, loathing and prejudice against black Africans?

Obviously we will not see this. Only yet another glaring example of Jewish hypocrisy at it’s best.


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