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Protesters violently clash with police in Venezuela

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Hundreds of students and opposition supporters have clashed with police forces in the Venezuelan capital Caracas as they staged a rally demanding the “resurrection” of “democracy” in the South American country.

On Sunday, demonstrators began the rally denominated “Resurrection of Democracy” after a barefoot walk and a “Via Crucis” march in the style of Jesus’ tortured walk towards crucifixion.

Later, several hundred hooded protesters, many wearing Guy Fawkes masks, set up barricades in the eastern Chacao district of Caracas.

The youths chanted “Liberty!”, threw petrol bombs, fired stones from slings, tore down advertising hoardings, and placed wires across debris-strewn streets.

Police reportedly responded with teargas and water-cannons, as residents banged pots and pans from windows in a form of protest.

Reports say that some neighbors dropped bottles of water and bags of ice down to the students from balconies.

Protesters also burned effigies of President Nicolas Maduro and other senior officials.

Government supporters, meanwhile, did the same to effigies of prominent opposition figures, including Miranda governor Henrique Capriles and mayor of Sucre municipality in eastern Caracas Carlos Ocariz.

They also said opposition leaders have failed to rein in anti-government protesters to prevent deaths and damage.

Venezuela has been the scene of protests against and in support of the government since mid-February.

Maduro says the street clashes have inflicted some USD 10 billion in damage on the Venezuelan economy.

Caracas also says the opposition seeks to launch a coup d’état against the government with the backing of the United States.

The opposition, however, blames the Maduro administration for soaring inflation, rampant crime and shortage of essential goods.


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