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“Prepare For Doomsday” Shock Russian Report Warns

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A shocking new report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense circulating in the Kremlin today is advising all Ministries to “prepare for doomsday” as fears grow about the Western worlds response to the expected collapse of the global banking system later this month that Edward Snowden documents have revealed is a “staged event” the Obama regime has been secretly planning and refers to as “The Grand Cardinal Cross Crisis.”

Important to note, and as we had previously reported on in our 2 February report titled 15 February “Catastrophe” Warned Will Shake Entire World, the GRU had warned that a “catastrophe” was being engineered by the Obama regime within a fortnight of 15 February in order to establish some type of “new world economic order” prior to the coming global meltdown of markets and massive bank failures, some of which had already begun.

Though scoffed at and ridiculed in early February by many in the West, the 2 February GRU warning of a “catastrophe that will shake the entire world” was proven accurate when on 18 February some 20,000 Euromaidan protesters in Kiev advanced on Ukraine’s parliament leading to that nations 22 February coup that overthrew its democratically elected government and as has plunged the world into an ever growing status of near total war.

Recent documents proving the Obama regimes overthrow of Ukraine’s government were released by the RSN News service this past week, and who in their article titled Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev, again, prove the GRU warnings and assessments 100% accurate.

Interesting to note in this new GRU report are its references to an Edward Snowden document titled “The Grand Cardinal Cross Crisis” which Russian intelligence analysts believe refers to an extremely rare astrological alignment due to take place this month called The Grand Cardinal Cross which begins with a “Full Blood Moon” eclipse on 14/15 April.

Even though the GRU in this report discounts the “astrological significance” of this astral event, it does note that many Westerners believe The Grand Cardinal Cross is a harbinger of global war and chaos and further notes that one of America’s most famed astrologers, Susan Miller, in a January interview with The Guardian News Service, stated, “April’s so scary I’m giving classes on it.

What appears, however, to be the more accurate explanation as to why this Edward Snowden document is named “The Grand Cardinal Cross Crisis,” this report continues, are that the dates associated with this astral event appear to mirror the dates expected to be significant in an Obama regime engineered global banking collapse, and include:

8 April Sun opposes Mars 11 April Venus conjuncts Neptune 14 April Mercury squares Jupiter, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, Pluto goes stationary direct at 7:44 p.m. EST 15 April full moon lunar eclipse 25 degrees Libra, Mercury squares Pluto 16 April Mercury opposes Mars 20 April Jupiter squares Uranus, opposes Pluto 21 April Uranus squares Pluto 22 April Mars squares Jupiter 23 April Mars opposes Uranus, squares Pluto 25 April Sun conjuncts Mercury 28-29 April Solar eclipse 8 degrees Taurus 2 May Mercury opposes Saturn

This report further notes that a “typical” Western astrological explanation of The Grand Cardinal Cross event is:

“Normally when you’re going through difficult times and you go discuss it with an astrologer, there will be one or two major transits causing trouble. In this case though, it’s a four-car pile-up of potential grief, and figuring out which way to approach the mess can be tricky.”

As to if a “four-car pile-up of potential grief” is, indeed, awaiting the global banking system because of the Obama regimes plot against it, this report warns, there appears to be “no doubt” as top US economist, and CNBC commentator, Dennis Gartman, yesterday echoed astrologer Susan Miller’s fears of April saying he was “scared” and was getting out of equities and sticking with cash and gold to ride out the coming storm.

Gartman, the GRU notes, is not alone either, as all of the top Western oligarchs have now left the markets and are further warning anyone who hears to “prepare for massive wealth destruction.

As to why these Western oligarchs have fled the markets, including US billionaires Warren Buffett, John Paulson and George Soros, this report says, is because they have “become aware of specific research that points toward a massive market correction, as much as 90%.

Not being warned of this coming “doomsday,” this report concludes, are the average American people who new reports this week show are now paying more taxes to the Obama regime ruling their nation than what they spend on housing, food and clothing combined, and are, also, being subjected to the worse type of tyranny as new documents have revealed that the NSA is now using their mainstream news services (NBC,CBS,FOX, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) to spread propaganda and silences dissent.


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  • Damien

    Aaaaaa, huh??? #-o

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  • Snowy Smith South Africa

    The COMMUNIST JEW World Order illegal Coup d’état of America has started.

    America is run by the EXTREME JEWS who are COMMUNIST “ROBBER BARONS” doing Land Grabs, theft, fraud and corruption the very same as they did in the JEW Bolshevik Revolution USSR.
    The Jew World Order COMMUNIST USA Bolshevik “ROBBER BARONS” are at it again.

    Bilderberg meeting will give us the date to start the War.
    WW3 very soon.
    Why are there Guillotines in the FEMA Camps?????????


    Good Luck,

    FREEDOM Fighters World Wide it’s time to UNITE.

    You are going to need lots of AMMO.

    Petrol Bombs.

    Water and food.

    Gas cans.

    Portable gas stove.

    I gave you the survival kit list 5 YEARS Ago.

    This weekend go bury your Survival emergency kit in the mountains.

    Good Luck

    Snowy Smith


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  • Grand Cardinal Cross – I googled this term it turns out to be out of astrology.
    “as a source of extreme tension whereby various aspects of the personality (represented by the planets) are working at cross purposes that serve to nullify each other. This pulls the native in many directions, ultimately leading to indecisiveness and an inability to produce concrete achievements. It is said to take extraordinary effort to overcome the conflicts in a Grand Cross…. A cardinal Grand Cross is said to cause a particular difficulty in accomplishing goals because the individual wants to accomplish everything at the same time: he/she usually ends up accomplishing very little (if anything at all).” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_cross_(astrology)

    this points to occultism influencing the decision making, and the issue of extraordinary effort would fit a false flag disaster.

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