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Meow Meow Star Acres Review and Coins Trick

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Meow Meow Star Acres is the latest huge hit on Android Play Store and also on Apple iOS and it comes as a “free game”, of course, with the infamous In-app purchases greed system implemented.

Play Store promotes this game as their “Favorite Game”. It’s second, on Play Store’s home page, right after well known game Cut The Rope 2.

Even though the Star Acres looks more like a game for children, we still thought we should give it a try and see what’s all the fuzz about.

Indeed, the game is extremely addictive and quite fun until you reach a certain point where it becomes more than boring, maybe even annoying, but keep on reading and you will find a surprise in store for you, aimed at making your gaming experience better in Meow Meow Star Acres.

So basically this is a farming and market game where all you have to do is to grow crops, bake, cook, feed animals and so on, then sell your products to random cats. The game starts on a “Star Island” with a few worker cats a small piece of land, a chicken farm, honey bee hives.

The game is all easy and really fun until you reach level 15 and requests will start to vary. At the beginning, you will sell and satisfy almost all customers but it will become harder and harder the more you play and the further you venture into the game as duration times required by new foods will become longer and longer. By level 25 you will already be flooded with clientele which will only demand whatever you DON’T have in your stock. It won’t matter how many donuts you will have because now they will come for sausages which take 2 real hours to produce just one piece, or strawberry mousse (1h), strawberry jam (2h), pizza (1h), ketchup (1h) or dumplings (1h).

Most of the stuff require ingredients which also require a huge amount of hours to build. For example Dumplings need cabbage which takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to make and one piece of raw pork meat which takes 20 minutes. Buying the first pig is really expensive. It costs 30,000 but wait till you want to buy the second one for 60,000 or the third for 90,000 and so on. Producing meat in this game is extremely hard because you will have to play with just one or two pigs at max at this time.

Almost every new food will also require you new tools pots which cost hundreds of thousands of coins and even millions later on. One would think that customer cats would offer better prices for their food but no, not really, considering the amount of hours needed to produce food now, you are paid really low but the game will only worsen more and more as the Japanese who produced this game, have wet dreams of getting rich by scamming children into buying fake worthless in-game currencies such as rubies which can be converted into coins and speed up cooking. Some parents were actually ripped off with thousands of dollars by their kids who just pressed a few buttons and bought stupid gem packs. Now that’s another story which we would like to invite you to read and get yourself informed about Android and iPhone in-app purchases scams.

Buying rubies in Meow Meow Star Acres won’t help that much unless you plan to buy the highest ruby pack which costs $30 for only 800 rubies. 800 rubies can then be converted into only 1 million gold coins. Coins are spent so fast and easy in this game, you won’t even believe it. So, while 1 million may actually help you here and there, you won’t make a significant difference. An Ice Cream Maker costs 200,000 coins, Pot 400,000 coins, Mixer 600,000 coins, Kitchen 1 million coins, Store renovation will cost 200,000, 500,000 and even 1 million coins later on. In order to make any significant change in this game you would have to buy the highest ruby pack at least 5 times, costing you $150, but that won’t be necessary because we have a surprise in store for you later on, so keep reading.

Leveling up in this game is quite easy but that’s not gonna be something you would actually want to focus on because you will get lesser and lesser coins when in contrast to everything which will cost more and more and time to build food will also take longer and longer.

Star Acres General Tips & Tricks

If you get your hands on some rubies. Do not spend them on speeding up food production, corp production or anything else related because this would be the dumbest thing to do. Only spend the rubies on upgrading the slot number of your pots so you can schedule 4 or even 5 pieces at once. The 4th slot costs 5 rubies, while the 5th slot costs 20 rubies. If you have a limited number of rubies, only buy the 4th slot for all your food producing utilities. Don’t go into the 5th slot just yet because it’s not worth it.

Don’t spend too much on cutting forests and expanding, just reorder your stuff by tapping and holding your finger on until you get the option to move your things around. You should only expand to both left and right until it costs you 100,000. Don’t pay hundreds of thousands of coins until you reach a higher level.

Store renovation should be a priority because you will get more customers and it will make it easier for you.

Don’t spend coins on useless decorations. Buy these useless things only after you finish the game and have everything else bought and upgraded.

First 3 offers (left to right) are awesome! The fourth offer you should easily reject without second thoughts. It’s not worth the time to produce bananas for only 6090 coins.

Kick out cats with little money for things which usually take 20+ minutes to produce. Do not accept offers below 10,000 coins for this type of food when you’re at level 15-23.

Kick out cats with little money for things which usually take 40+ minutes to produce. Do not accept offers below 17,000-20,000 coins for this type of food when you’re at level 24-30. Once, a cat demanding a Sausage (2h) plus French Fries (8m) came and offered somewhere around 8000 coins. This is the perfect example where you would get scammed if you accepted this offer.

The pink cat in the left not only offers a pickaxe but a quite decent price also. She wants just one Donut and one Butter Potato for 11030! An offer no one could refuse!

Never kick out a cat that comes with a pickaxe or an axe as a gift. Even if these cats usually offer a lower price than the other cats, this is actually the ONLY way to get your hands on an axe so you can chop trees or on a pickaxe so you can break rocks after you expand in the forests. You won’t be able to buy these tools from the cat market. Normally if the producers of Star Acres would have cared just a tiny bit for their customers, they would have given rubies to these cats as bonuses for you instead of axes and pickaxes and you would have gotten these tools from where you should have, to begin with… the market, for coins! But why would they care? They just want people to buy rubies, they don’t wanna give a single ruby for free.

Don’t slot-upgrade the Ice Cream Machine, nor the Mixer and not even the Cake Over with 5 rubies because you will rarely use these three after a certain level. You will later thank us.

You can see the giant crab in the left corner of the screen, earning 34 XP with it, close to a tiny crab.

Multi-whac giant moles and crabs like 20-40 times depending on how fast you tap them, for extra XP, although you may not want extra XP at all since advancing in this game only makes it harder.

Exclusive Unlimited Coins Trick & Rubies Trick

610 free rubies really easy: all you have to do is to just swap invitation codes with one of your buddies and you will get 10 or 20 rubies (on promo days) for inviting someone and another 10 rubies for being invited by someone. Find a friend who has an Android phone or an iPhone, ask him/her to make you a favor by installing this app for you, swap the codes and if your friend wants to keep this game, good for him, if not, he can just uninstall it. It would only take a few minutes. Remember that you both have to be connected to the internet when you swap invitation codes. That’s how you made your first 20-30 rubies, now you can make the remaining rubies by simply asking your friend to uninstall the game and install again and enter YOUR invitation code again. Repeat this process over and over again until you exceed your maximum number of invitations. There are a total of 30 invitations but you should have 29 left since you already used 1 when you swapped codes in the first place with your friend. And that’s how you earn 610 free rubies. 20 from swapping codes + 90 for reinstalling the game 9 times on your friend’s device and using your code (tablet, phone, phablet, whatever). You can get more free rubies after bypassing level 50. Random stars will popup here and there which you have to break by using a pickaxe and inside you will find random gifts. Some of them even include rubies. You will have to connect to the internet in order to receive your gifts. Be sure to swap the invitation codes in promo days when they offer 20 rubies per invitation instead of 10. So far, COLOPL has only had 2 promo periods. The first was when they achieved 1 million Google Play downloads for their game and they celebrated by increasing the number of invitations from 10 to 20 and doubled the number of rubies per invitation from 10 to 20. And now their second promo period is for celebrating their 1.1.0 “major update”, again offering 20 rubies per invitation and increasing the number of maximum invitations from 20 to 30.

Close everything else and simply switch between the two for easiest and fastest way to earn coins.

Get more free stuff by simply playing the game online, you will receive a daily bonus. You will receive everything except for rubies. For example on 3rd day they offer 1 ruby as a bonus which we didn’t receive, not only on one device but 4 devices. You get everything else, decorations, coins, you name it, but no rubies. If this is a deliberate “mistake” so that they don’t give any rubies for free (except for those received when swapping invitation codes) or maybe simply a real mistake, remains a mystery because the Japanese producer COLOPL Inc. did not answer our email.

Also be on the watch out for random yellow stars. Use a pickaxe to break the stars and claim your prize. There is a huge chance that some of those random stars will end up behind the one and only building which you can’t move… your main shop. If you wanna check for random yellow stars behind your shop, kick out all your customer cats and randomly click/tap on your shop everywhere from top to bottom. Chances are… you will eventually be shown to use a pickaxe… yeap it was a random star behind your shop. This happened to us more than 5 times. Some of those random yellow stars may contain rubies. The red giftboxes usually contain either coins or rubies. As of 1.1.0 there are also cat cans found on random islands which may contain rubies.

Now it’s time for the big piece of cheese, the unlimited fast coins trick and 0 waiting times for cooking foods! So, please pay attention! First things first, disconnect from the internet (either WiFi or Mobile Data) and do this trick in offline mode.

You actually do not have to wait for hours on anything! All you have to do is to minimize the game, or close it if you want to (though not recommended), go to Settings > Date & Time and uncheck the “Automatic date & time” option. For easier use and understanding you may want to use the 24-hour format instead of the old fashioned 12-hour AM-PM format.

Now all you have to do is to manually set your time. For starters, just add one hour (no need to change the minutes). Go back to your game and you will see almost everything completed. Pick up everything, add new tasks for the foods that you need and change the time again. You can skip, 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours, your choice! Just remember not to change the day though because this could mess up your game.

If you’re using an Android device, you may want to close all tasks except 2 tasks so that everything will go as fast and smooth as possible. Never close the game and the Date Settings, just minimize them and switch between them. See the above right-photo for more details.

All work is done with the click of a button! This is the easiest way to earn coins in this game.

If you’re dealing with jobs that exceed 24 hours, such as expanding in the forests on the neighboring land (the one disconnected by the broken bridge which you can fix for 500,000) all you have to do is to set the hour at 23:59 and go back into the game, do some in-game jobs worth of 2 minutes, you can feed the chickens as a reference and wait until they lay their eggs. Now after 2 minutes or more, the hour should be at least 00:01, go back into the date and set it again at 23:59. Congratulations! You’ve just skipped 24 in-game hours! Repeating the process twice will skip 48 hours and so on… As an example the last row of forest in the right side of the screen, on the other piece of land separated by the bridge costs 2.5 million and takes 40 hours. If you don’t want to wait that long, just do as instructed.

The above tip is not only useful for forest expanding but also for shop customer errors generated when going from offline to online and with your clients are away (kicked out). Whenever you time cheat, do it offline, if you however accidentally switch on the internet (either Mobile Data or WiFi) be sure to have all your clients present in your shop and not one kicked out because here’s what can happen:

Almost 34 hours waiting times instead of only 5 minutes, after switching the internet on while time cheating. Just follow the above guide to skip more than 24 hours if you run into this. Remember to do this while in offline mode.

Remember that this has been tested by us on 10 Android devices and on 1 Apple iPad and this trick does work on all our devices so if it doesn’t work for you, you’re just not doing it right and you should read our guide again.

This trick works only with current version of Meow Meow Star Acres which is 1.0.1. We’re not sure if they’re gonna fix this bug in their future versions of this game so we strongly advise you NOT to update Meow Meow Star Acres to any future versions until you upgrade your entire farm first. In case you have it enabled, disable your Play Store or App Store auto-update option.

It would be preferable not to change the time while you are waiting for new customers, which takes only 5 minutes in case you kicked them out, because you can mess up the customer waiting times from only 5 minutes to hours. However if you messed up the customer wait times, you can easily fix it by going backwards or forwards in time, as needed. You may also need to adjust the minutes in this case, but remember, don’t change the day or month, not even mentioning the year… Just mess with the hours and minutes if necessary.

As of 18 April 2014, we’ve tested the new 1.0.2 update and we can confirm that you can safely update. Our coin & ruby tricks also work with 1.0.2.

As of 06 May 2014, we’ve tested the new Meow Meow Star Acres 1.0.3 version and we can confirm that you can safely update if you want to. Our coin & ruby tricks also work with 1.0.3.

As of 20 June 2014, we’ve tested the new Meow Meow Star Acres 1.1.0 version and we can confirm that you can safely update if you want to. Our coin & ruby tricks also work with 1.1.0. Additionally you now have 30 invitations x 20 rubies meaning a total of 600 free rubies, so hurry up and do the Ruby trick!

Breaking Meow Meow Star Acres News! Major 1.0.4 Update coming soon, including our suggestions

On 08 June we’ve emailed COLOPL two suggestions which could greatly improve the game, 4 days later on 08 June COLOPL replied that they will take our suggestions into consideration. On 11 June everybody received the news while playing the game about a “major update coming soon”. The Japanese version of this game has already been updated with our suggestions and any time now the English version will also be updated to 1.0.4 with our suggestions.

Suggestion 1: So, we have suggested to COLOPL to include fishing boats and the possibility to make fish-based foods.

Suggestion 2: We have also suggested to COLOPL to add a trading system between players when they are connected to the internet. The trading system should provide both public trades between random players and private trades based on invitation codes between friends in case someone wants to donate something (100 bottles of milk for example) to a specific friend. The trading system should make the game a lot more interactive and fun to play.

We’ve suggested them to allow players to manually set the price to whatever they want/need. For example: Someone could offer 20 hot dogs for 1 million coins or 1 million coins for 500 rubies or 30 corn soups for 10 rubies, or 50 ketchups for 60 tomato juices, or 10 rubies for 10 pickaxes and even decoration exchanges. Any type of trade should be accepted.

Since the majority of players would probably want rubies in exchange for their stuff, we’ve also helped COLOPL to potentially sell more rubies and therefore make higher profits. Furthermore, people will play the game more often just for the sake of tradings because it should be really fun. Because of playing more, there are also higher chances of ruby purchases and therefore again, COLOPL can increase their profits.

This is a screenshot from the updated Meow Meow Star Acres, the Japanese version. As you can see they have included a fishing boat and they are also showing more star islands with different names, belonging to different players, also suggesting that our trading system idea has been implemented in this new update! Good job COLOPL for listening to our advises!

Unfortunately as of 20 June 2014, shortly after we’ve updated to 1.1.0 we’ve noticed that COLOPL has ignored all of our suggestions for their game but maybe they will include them in their future versions. Should any of you wish for our 2 suggestions listed above to be included in future Star Acres updates, we advise you to email them to: meowmeow@p.cs.colopl.jp

Good News! We’re BACK! As of 13 September 2014, we have finally updated to version 1.1.7 and we can confirm that our time tricks and ruby tricks still work! We also have vital proof that future versions of Star Acres will finally implement one of our suggestions, to include fishing! The current Japanese version of Star Acres is at 1.2.2 and it already includes fishing. Future versions will gradually include more and more decorations including a beautiful realistic black cat statue and a ferris wheel until we finally reach 1.2.2. Like usual most of the useless decorations will cost rubies which is quite stupid if you ask us, considering the really low amount of rubies which you receive while playing this game. For example the ferris wheel will cost 300 rubies which is way too much!

Realistic cat statue for decoration

Ferris wheel decoration and next to it in the left you can also see the fish restaurant which is still under construction

Unfortunately, raw fish would sell rather poorly. For example 2 squids are sold for only 7840 coins and a squid and a fish for only 10330. We don’t have any information yet on how much money you would receive for selling prepared fish because there will also be a fish preparation factory/restaurant. The good part is that there’s a rare yellow fish which will sell for 50.000 coins each. There’s also even more highly rated golden fish which would sell for 100.000 coins each which is pretty good. Repairing the future fishing dock (which is not included in the game now but will be and will be a ruin) would cost only 500.000 coins so it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Now there is just one more suggestion that we would like to see implemented in Star Acres. Trading of foods, axes, decorations, coins, rubies, etc between users. That would take this game to a whole new level. Please continue to press COLOPL into doing this by emailing them as often as you can at: meowmeow@p.cs.colopl.jp

While you’re at it, emailing COLOPL you should also mention enlarging the darn star island which is getting too crowded and too small considering the vast amount of things we received lately. As a third suggestion they should also consider categorizing the decorations into chairs, benches, tables, flowers, etc. instead of having them randomly sorted throughout the shopping list.

This fish is worth of 100.000 coins! Pretty good!

Fish preparation factory/restaurant.

Fore more detailed screenshots on these future updates check here, here and here.

As of now, there is NO known trick on how to specifically target and catch Gold Fish and King Gold Fish. However 2 things are certain currently. You need to fish with the pink Octopus bait in order to catch Gold Fish which is is worth of 50.000 gold coins and you need the Crab bait if you want to catch King Gold Fish which is worth of 100.000 gold coins.

We’re working on a shadow based trick/guide on how to catch both of these Gold Fish but it will take some time. Please check back later.

Hope everyone enjoyed our exclusive review and our unique coins and ruby tricks which nowhere else can be found on the internet as of yet and please subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and tricks for other games.

-Good for children, develops their thinking and they can learn how to manage and count

-Too hard
-Very long waiting times
-Very expensive if you’re planing to buy rubies
-Too many customer requests with low offers for your foods
-Customers always tend to ask for foods which you don’t have or have a lower stock of
-Basically forcing players to buy rubies because level ups are done way too fast and there is little time and financial aid to buy all factories, pots, new cats, etc

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