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Malayesia MH370 'Followed by Fighter Jets' - Girlfriend of Victim

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Sarah Bajc with her lover Philip Wood who was on-board the missing MH370 flight.

The other night CNN had Sarah Bajc on as a guest to talk about what she thinks ultimately happened to Flight MH 370. Her partner Philip Wood was a passenger on the flight. It should be noted that directly after speaking with Sarah, CNN had on the leading opposition candidate, a pure neoliberal, to blame the current government for everything that has happened.

Sarah’s confusion and anger is completely understandable. She and the other family members have come to understand that there is currently a massive cover-up regarding this false investigation.

After TWA Flight 800, who wouldn’t expect it?

However, what Sarah doesn’t understand, what she doesn’t wish to understand, is that in all likelihood, Flight 370 was downed in the South China Sea where it went off transponder contact and where a witness saw what he thought was an airliner on fire crashing into the sea.

She does bring up an interesting bit of new information. According to Sarah, a “family member” claims that Flight 370 had fighter jets either following it or accompanying it on it’s route.

It’s not known at this point what the source of this new info is nor is her statement really any more credible than CNN’s myriad of “unnamed sources” but, she claims this “family member” said there were witnesses.

She also questions the same thing I have many times over and that is the Malaysian military’s claim that they saw an unidentified blip heading straight for Butterworth Air Force Base and did nothing.

Sarah Bajc said that she stabilized a little bit and that she believes Philip Wood is still alive somewhere and being held captive.

Sarah assumes that unidentified blip was Flight 370. She shouldn’t.

Perhaps, as I have said all along, that unidentified blip was one of those fighter jets that according to this new info, had been “tailing” Flight 370.

Sarah doesn’t want to think her partner is dead so she is clinging onto an interpretation of these developments that allows her to come to that conclusion. She says as much during the interview.

Why would she believe and report on CNN the story of one unnamed witness as told to her by a random “family member” (how does she know he’s a family member? Who the hell could have “witnessed” that plane being tailed by fighters so far out to sea so late at night?) while completely ignoring a named witness who is on record saying he saw the plane burning and crashing into the South China Sea?

Is it possible that a passenger reported via phone to a friend or family member that the plane was being escorted or tailed by fighters before they were out of cell phone range?

It’s an interesting development but not one that paints an accurate picture given the facts that we know. However, the sudden inclusion of Malaysian (or Australian?) fighter jets into the equation could certainly be relevant if proven accurate.

In my previous article I had concluded that the Malaysian military high commanders decided to take this plane out over the South China Sea and then use the cover-up and distraction in an effort to effect political change in the country. Regime change operations are often facilitated by corrupt and power hungry military leaders.


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One Response to " Malayesia MH370 'Followed by Fighter Jets' - Girlfriend of Victim "

  1. Garry Henderson says:

    1. Fighter jets is correct.
    2. Downed at sea is incorrect.
    3. Diego Garcia airbase south of India. The location of the plane where it landed. EUTimes.net issued an article quickly after the plane went missing. It seems to be the most creditable of any information that has been put out there. There is a cover-up and our current administration is one of the last 4 so called presidents that is attempting to drive America into the ground. Anyone see Bill Clinton and George Bush sitting together at the UK and UCONN basketball game? Speaks Volumns!!! Americans need to have each others backs. Those in Washington DC do not! NDAA, NSA, FEMA CAMPS, THE UP-COMING FINANCIAL IMPLODING

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