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Greece to ban hymns, carols and Church liturgies

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For several years, a campaign has been launched by dark circles, for the elimination of eulogies (hymns) of Good Friday, which refer to the crucifiers of our Lord. Until now, despite extreme pressure, the heads of Orthodoxy have stood their ground.

However, with the new “anti-racism” law that is pushed for vote in parliament, by the servants of the God-killers, Samaras’s (pseudo) government – and with the blessing of all the systemic parties – will mandate the removal of the hymns, we may witness priests being arrested after the liturgy of Good Friday, for “spreading racial hate messages”, and this may be followed by lawsuits from international Zionist groups and their local organizations!

Therefore, we present, perhaps for the last time, the Good Friday prayers, before they are deemed illegal “by order of Samaras”.

Beside Christmas carols, New Year’s carols, and those of the feast of the Epiphany, there are also our traditional Good Friday carols. Commonly referred to as “The Laments of Mary”.

We present this part of it to you for the last time this year, because this time next year it will be illegal in our Orthodox Greece! For you see, even our traditions, will be affected by the so called “antiracism” act!

“With all that was attempted against the Lord by the Jews, it is as if they brought down upon themselves that day, of which the prophet foretold: this will be a day of vengeance for the Lord. That is what happened to them, who thought they could exterminate the Lord. This is what they caused at their own expense, shouting against the Lord. This is what they were convicted of, while trying to judge the Lord. With their wickedness and laid waste to themselves and their homes and now are without a city. They have won their cohabitation with the demons.” – Athanasius the Great


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