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British politician arrested for quoting Winston Churchill on Islam

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Chilling: Political leader charged with hate crime for quoting Winston Churchill.

Political party leader Paul Weston was arrested by police and faces up to two years in jail for criticizing the religion of Islam during a public speech in the United Kingdom.

Weston’s “racially aggravated” hate crime consisted of him quoting Winston Churchill.

Weston’s arrest reveals the chilling implementation of thought crime in Britain and how political correctness is being used as a weapon with which to destroy the edifice of freedom of speech across the western world.


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British politician arrested for quoting Winston Churchill on Islam, 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings


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  • Defiant

    Welcome to nazi germany errr I mean the 4th Reich errr I mean the lap dog of the 4th Reich.

    • Eric Blair

      You’re getting your ideologies mixed up. This is clearly a Marxist thought crime. And this takes place in the nation that gave the world the Magna Carta.

  • Kalevale

    This is the what you fought for. “Equality”..

  • Tony


    They should put their foot down, and say no way!!

    Unless the people rebel, the libbarbarians will commit more crimes and terrorize the public more and more with these barbaric laws.

    Criminals like the puppet Tony Blair, controlled by his Jewish masters, passed such barbaric laws so Judaists can oppress. That criminal is the one who needs to be arrested.

    Also, people must amend the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda to ban such barbaric laws that criminalize free speech and ban immigration–the biggest crime against humanity.

  • Mike

    Would this man be arrested for criticizing the Catholic church or ANY Christian religion?
    What a bunch of gutless muslim butt kissers the Brits have become.

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