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Australians dislike diversity and are likely to segregate - study

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A new study conducted in Australia observed about 1,000 people in public places (sports settings, shopping centers, libraries). It found that Australians (white people) do not like “diversity” and naturally choose to be among other Australians.

“Those from the English-speaking white majority group tended to interact predominately with other majority group members [other white people], and were more likely to ‘self-segregate’ in public spaces than those from minority groups,” said lead researcher, Dr. Naomi Priest.

“This supports evidence that, generally, the preference of the majority will have a stronger impact on segregation patterns than those of the minority, such as that minority people are likely to be socially isolated or have no contact when majority members self-segregate.”

Dr. Priest said the study could be useful to plan out policies that encourage or force races to mingle with each other in public places or events. That’s forced assimilation, and shows that despite all the evidence against them, liberals still want multiculturalism.

“The findings of this study highlight important behavioral targets for intervention to reduce racism and provide specific and contextual information regarding interactions within public settings. In particular, targeting public spaces as settings for intergroup contact as well as to promote accessibility and use by those from minority backgrounds,” she said.

There have been many studies now that have documented the fact that when an area has many different groups of people they naturally separate, there is one from Ohio, one from Britain, and one from Michigan.

A study conducted of over 30,000 US and Canadian citizens found exactly the same results, and the lead researcher of that study also said governments should force assimilate people in the name of “diversity”.


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  • jeff

    Im a white aussie and can confirm this to be true however the minoritys in this country do very little to change this.The lebanese rape our women and push drugs to kids.The muslims expect us to change our ways to suit them,parading around with signs that read hang those who disrespect mohumad .the pakistanis are very rude most of the races asians especially wont even try and learn english (i know im no master of spelling).The young africans form gangs stab and rob people and riot on christmas day destroying peoples property the elder africans are very respectful and thankfull hard working good people though i will say.so pretty much its not racial its just that no 1 wants to be friends with an asshole except assholes

  • Ozzy

    This is true and we never wanted multiculturalism so what do non-white people expect? It is all rubbish! A lot of White Australians wanted white policy back. No matter how much they spend on multiculturalism and it will never work. We are very proud and patriotic of our White heritage. If they attempt to force assimilate us, That will backfire by flee from non-white people. Have they heard of white flight? =))

  • Stuart Anderson

    This is a truly crap article, like the rest of this shitty newspaper it just oozes racism. From reading the article you would think that only whites are allowed Australian citizenship. The research is twisted into an argument to support segregation.

  • Why am I not surprised to find this site full of racism? Because its run by racist skinheads that’s why!

  • Damien

    This article has a point. Aussies want cheap labor but do not want to give equal opportunnity to others. All comments above are correct in a way too, even Stuarts.

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