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Malaysia Airlines Mystery Deepens After Top Disease Experts Rushed To Indian Ocean

A grim report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is stating today that within 24-hours of this aircrafts “diversion” to the highly secretive Indian Ocean US military base located on the Diego Garcia atoll, no less than four flights, within the past week, containing top American and Chinese disease scientists and experts have, likewise, been flown to there.

According to this report, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (also marketed as China Southern Airlines flight 748 through a codeshare) was a scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China, when on 8 March this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft “disappeared” in flight with 227 passengers on board from 15 countries, most of whom were Chinese, and 12 crew members.

As we had previously noted in our report “Russia “Puzzled” Over Malaysia Airlines “Capture” By US Navy,” the GRU had previously notified China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) of its suspicions regarding this flight due its containing a “highly suspicious” cargo that had been offloaded in the Republic of Seychelles from the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk Alabama.

First arousing the GRU’s concerns regarding this “highly suspicious” cargo, this report continues, was that after its unloading from the MV Maersk Alabama on 17 February, its then transfer to Seychelles International Airport where it was loaded on an Emirates flight bound for Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, after first stopping over in Dubai, the two highly trained US Navy SEALS who were guarding it were found dead.

The two US Navy SEALS protecting this “highly suspicious” cargo, Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under “suspicious circumstances” aboard the MV Maersk Alabama, this report says, further raising Russian intelligence suspicions as they were both employed by the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group which was founded by US Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEAL’s) and Senior US Naval Surface Warfare Officers and has long been known by the GRU to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world.

Upon Flight 370’s departure from Malaysia on 8 March, this report continues, the GRU was notified by the MSS that they were going to divert it from its scheduled destination of Beijing to Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) located in Hainan Province (aka Hainan Island).

Prior to this planes entering into People Liberation Army (PLA) protected zones of the South China Sea known as the Spratly Islands, however, this report continues, Flight 370 “significantly deviated” from its flight course and was tracked by VKO satellites and radar flying into the Indian Ocean region and completing its nearly 3,447 kilometer (2,142 miles) flight to Diego Garcia.

In a confirmation of the GRU’s assertion that Flight 370 was, indeed, flown to Diego Garcia, this report says, satellite transmission data analyzed by US investigators showed that this planes most likely last-known position was in a zone about 1,609 kilometers (1,000 miles) west of Perth, Australia in the Indian Ocean..

Most troubling to the GRU about Flight 370’s “diversion” to Diego Garcia, this report says, was that it was “nearly immediately” followed by some of the top disease scientists and experts from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDCP) embarking to Diego Garcia on at least four flights.

As to why both American and Chinese disease experts were taken to Diego Garcia where Flight 370 is now known to be, this report says, has as yet not been answered by either of these governments after repeated Foreign Ministry requests for “explanations and clarification.”

What is to be known, this report says, is that as Malaysia has been forced to admit Flight 370 was, indeed, “diverted” from its flight path as the GRU had previously reported, and as at least 25 nations are now involved in searching for it, it remains a mystery as to what is actually occurring.

Also known, this report concludes, is that Diego Garcia as a designated ETOPS emergency landing site for flight planning purposes of commercial airliners transversing the Indian Ocean, and as one of 33 emergency landing sites worldwide for the NASA Space Shuttle, it is “inconceivable” that any type of aircraft, let alone Flight 370, can fly anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere without being tracked, monitored and recorded in totality.


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  • V. Warner

    If any of this information is true, why haven’t we heard the same from other news agencies?

    • Pieter, Sydney, Australia

      Cuz all the western news agencies (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, etc) are owned by people who are part of covering up what’s REALLY happening in the world and keeping us all in the dark. No-one in Aust has seen this story – which I believe to be the TRUTH. The FACTS FIT! We are fed bullshit regurgitated over & over which doesn’t match the established facts. E.G. Plane “disappeared” off civilian radar yet is known to have continued flying (many) hours after. How can that happen? Only 1 known method – blocking/jamming radar signals – by AWACS military aircraft, which can also fly these planes remotely & turn off other comms systems. Who could/would? USA! If not for this “suspicious cargo” then for the 20 Freescale Semiconductor engineers who make hi-tech military equipment for the Chinese &/or Russian military, who were on board. Am I a conspiracy theorist? Hell Yeah! Open your eyes and research the facts for your self. Search YouTube. 9/11 was an inside job, thermite brought the twin towers down, it was the most perfect demolition job in history! Do your own research, make up your own mind. Yeah, there’s a lot of shit out there too (I don’t believe in reptilian masters & shapeshifters!), but put the facts together so they make sense and you start to get the REAL picture. Scary? YES! Our govts DON’T act “for the good of the people”, they pander to the powers that be who actually pull the strings. Research Illuminati, secret societies, Freemasons, etc. They are the real controllers via banks, Big Pharma, big corporations. Find out what FEMA is really about. I am sooo glad I DON’T live in the USA, the shit is gonna hit the fan there one day in the not too distant future (And DFLjk & ianf won’t be laughing anymore!). Anyway, enough said, I’m ranting :-@ . I discovered this website yesterday, quite interesting http://jimstonefreelance.com/ He says he’s ex-NSA. Open your eyes, people! If the story the media are spinning doesn’t add up, look elsewhere! :)

      • Joe

        I just have a few question’s about the 9/11 conspiracy theory.31 WHY blow up the twin towers and kill thousands of people?
        #2 If explosives were used,Why have jets crash into the towers.Why not just blow them up with the explosives?

        • Jeff MILLSTONE

          Hi,Joe,I read from some information about 9/11,your first question I do not know the answer,for the second one, the jets crash into the towers,it is to make you believe the towers were burn down by the gas of the jet, actually it is burn down into ashes by nuclear bomb under the ground, search “ground zero”,in your dictionary,it’s something interesting.

        • SlackerSlayer

          To give themselves the excuse that no other nation would want to step in holding them back.

          If they just blew it up without the big shoah, then there would be too many embarrassing questions why the beefed up security failed.

          Do you know the 1993 bombing of the WTC was an FBI operation? That is a Fact.

      • Confidentail

        You are two sandwiches short of a picnic, roo boy 😀

      • Phil

        What a load of rubbish!

    • Confidential

      They could not get advertising sponsors for the story :(

    • Margie
  • DFLjk

    Ye Gads, the end is nigh – flee to the hills!!!!!

    =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

  • ianf

    The editor moonlights as a screenplay writer… obviously got his facts confused with next Bruce willis/John Malkovitch/Harrison Ford blockbuster

    • http://www.rasricky.com rICKY r

      Hi guys no i do beleive that because it has much of a technical explanatory and Now you may Notice that some Media Might Not talk directly to this.. DIEGO GARRCIA IS THE PERFECT PLACE IN INDIN OCEAN FOR SUCH HIDE OUTS MANY MILLION OPEN MINDED PEOPLE, COULD TELL YU THAT!!!!

      • Gloria

        Yeah, some people are SO OPEN MINDED THEIR BRAINS FELL OUT

        • V Warner

          Gloria, can’t stop laughing about your comment, I’ll keep it in my memory bank for future use! Thanks for posting.

      • Lisa

        So help me understand this article. There is a super secret, possible super contagious cargo that needs to be transported, right? Therefore the first step is to put it on a famous cargo ship, the ship that everybody stares at because its story won an Oscar. Seems like nobody notices the super secret cargo, so let’s stage an accident of 2 men dying on it. What, still no publicity? Darn. Must be the Kardashians on front page somewhere… What else can we do to get attention and raise interest in this SUPER SECRET CARGO? I know, let’s put it on a commercial flight and then have it dissapear. Yes, it would be too simple to just ship or fly the super secret cargo via military cargo to a military base at Diego Garcia. Publicity was needed!

  • ooi

    yeah if this really true. as in all in movie, all the world countries government always deny the truth from the people.

    • Confidentail

      Well perhaps you can get a government job and then tell us all the truth?

  • mark Williams

    Read the artical related to the link and then come back to my comments and read them. Some say the US government is in bed with the Antichrist and some say it is President Obama. The Antichrist doesn’t care about money, he wants your soul. Once he finds your price, if it’s money, sex, or anything else, he values nothing more then your soul. It’s just a matter of time before he deceives some people, some people have no price and are committed to the Lord. They remain in solidarity with their heavenly father. What the Antichrist wants to do, is find the scientific means to make souls. That way he would be able to crossbred angels and humans again, like days gone by, as in the book of Enoch. God did not give souls to angels, nor did God give angels the knowledge of how to make a soul. Hence they need humans to experiment on, to find a solution as their are answers to all questions. That is why aliens do all the experiments on humans and make them void of the knowledge. When a human being is having experimentation done upon them, all they have to do is mention Gods name Jehovah and you are quickly returned. They can not endure his sacred name and fear him, as they know their end. I know most of what I am saying, sounds so strange to many people but it is a well know fact which was written in the book of Enoch. It’s why the great flood occurred as human embarrassed these fallen angels prior and God forbid it. One third of the angels were casted down from heaven. Today it is one of the most deceptive efforts taking place, with the help of evil governments throughout the world. One must be a leader! Just in the past couple of years several government have come clean with respect to have knowledge of alien life and they have worked with them. Yet the United States of America has not told the truth, more and more people are becoming aware of UFO and stating they have been abducted by aliens. I do not believe someone who doesn’t believe in God could understand as their faith is in science. Almost all of these people are returned but our government provides them people for research in exchange for various knowledge, which can make them very wealthy and powerful. These people are strategically place into these positions of power and given wealth. Most people would have a very difficult time accepting what I am saying to be a true fact. Yet their have been numerous claims made by people that worked for the government and have experiences this knowledge first hand, although it is my own conclusion as to why they are doing this. It may not make sense to you as they can manifest themselves to look just like us and these aliens can posses people. Still it remains they do not have a soul of their own, it is what he desires most. You do not need to be afraid as long as you have God as your friend. It brings me no pleasure to inform you of these facts and I wish it were not true but do not let them deceive you into becoming complacent. They are here, and our government works closely with them, so build a loving relationship with God, remain in his grace. They have manifested in all level of government and position of authority. Even within our own military and the business community. Only they know who they are and can easily identify one another. They have an IQ of 1000, when the average humans only has an IQ of about 120. It’s like taking candy from a baby. We are thought to be monkeys and worthy to only being slaves. Why do they hate us? Because God chose us over them and they disobeyed his commandments without remorse or repenting. Yet God is forgiving and it remains that he would accept them back if only they repented, although it is believed only a few will do so before the final hour of judgment arrives. It is why they shall burn in the eternal flames of hell. People that welcome them into their temple by choice shall be judged justly. Why doesn’t God stop it from happening? If you want that answer, you only need to ask and I will provide you with the answer.

    • Lord Koos

      Get a life, you superstitious twit.

      • Mark Willam

        It is in fact a fact that they continue to rule becse of people like you whoare considered monky slaves. It is why they n get away with it and wll continue to do so until the end of days.

    • Confidential

      ….’cause you are God, right?

    • SlackerSlayer

      Please please tell me that the Nurses left their door open when they went to have a smoke.

  • http://MSN Joe Miller

    Initially, I thought this might be a Hi-Jacked Aircraft. Afterward, the variables started to come to light for example the satellite info regarding the direction of the plane being reported. There are too many unanswered questions as to the final disposition and it is highly likely government intervention is involved in some way. Are these missing people being quarantined because to a highly contagious disease aboard? Diego Garcia would be an ideal spot to do that.

  • http://MSN Joe Miller

    I scanned Mark Williams’ comment and his theory of Aliens and the missing aircraft leaves me a little bewildered as to the point he was making. I believe there are “UFO’s” and that perhaps there are Aliens here on earth as well. However, I do not think they (The Aliens) are responsible for taking these people hostage or to another planet. More than likely, as I have previously stated, the plane and passengers are safe on ground and being detained for reasons that only our government or that of Malaysia cab explain.

  • v warner

    Aliens, other planets? Now I know that European Times is a joke. Glad I found out by reading such ridiculous conspiracy theories.

  • Alf

    What a bunch of paranoid nonsense !

    It’s as plain as the nose on your face what happened : Amelia Erhart is alive and well and she hijacked the plane !

    • Terri

      Yes, I saw it on news. She travelled with a stolen passport. #-o

  • fathyn

    my initial thought of a possibility was a super genius having mastered the know-hows of beating all systems of aeronautics with sheer determination of taking flying business to the next level maneuvered this from surface to air controlling as from a remote control ,subjected this aircraft to an experiment at the cost of passengers and probably landed somewhere deserted, on a preplanned and prepared terrain, known to him and the parties concerned, Having said that the most plausible, realistic scenario could have been a total pilot incapacitation, where, the flight deck being engulfed in smoke caused by an external source, which made the aircraft fly on Auto-pilot up to the point where it ran out of fuel, as it could not make that descent to the intended destination, and ditched somewhere claiming all the lives, which none of us want to accept at this point of time, until debris is found. But even in this scenario, since that prompt divertion of route took place taking a left presumably towards the airport to make that emergency landing, with all due respect to the knowledge, skill, and experience of the captain in command, one tends to wander as to why in this case the crew and the passengers not been informed with what ever mode of communication, [PA, intercom] about the situation in order to prepare passengers for the impact as standard safety and emergency procedures in an emergencies, with the best interest of the safety of passengers. If so under these circumstances, taking into consideration the low altitude and the duration this aircraft has been flying after taking that change of course, at least one passenger out of 239 may have used SATCOM, or mobile to inform of the impending situation to family and friends. Functionality of such too questionable depending on the area and zone, and satellite coverage.. this is one grey area I see even in the most plausible theory so far.

  • Bibical Theory

    While it is written in the Bible one third of all angels were cast out of heaven along with Satan, the archangel. Who knows when they were cast out? Perhaps 10’s of thousands of years ago maybe 100’s of thousands, or how many is one third of heaven, it could be billions, no one knows. But considering the size of the universe I’d not be surprised its many billions of fallen angels. Yes there are UFO’s controlled by aliens? I believe those aliens, as we call them, are part of the cast out angels. As stated by Mark they have no soul. What their objective is I don’t think anyone knows. They are a fallen race, or group of cast outs, who will one day be destroyed by the Almighty Creator of the heavens & the earth we humans were born into.
    In our limited knowledge of science we believe the speed of light is as fast as things can travel. Just not true. There are other dimensions in the universe we humans just do not understand or know about. We try to explain things in terms of our limited knowledge things we will never understand. They are a fallen race just as we are. They possess knowledge far greater than ours. When you look at the deep space pictures from Hubble you can perhaps start to grasp the totality of what the universe is. It just didn’t happen automatically. There is a supreme being who created that & in some other worlds there abide those fallen cast outs. I will disagree with Mark about their objective is to figure out how to create a soul. They will never possess the knowledge to do so. Only one Supreme Being has that power to give life. He is our creator. Thery are hand in hand with Satan. Just remember Satan was the most powerful angel in heaven next to God. He wasn’t satisfied and was cast out with the others. How or why he chose earth to tempt & destroy only God knows. Was it because he saw what God had created in Adam & Eve and was jealous? Therefore sought to destroy, as has been the history of this earth.

  • Confidential
  • http://lenggangkangkung-my.blogspot.com Lenggang Kangkung

    Israel closes embassies all over the world before MH370 gone missing ? – http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/03/red-alert-possible-use-for-flight-370-found-2924592.html

  • Lisa

    So help me understand this article. Somebody needed to ship a SUPER SECRET CARGO to a military base in Diego Garcia. And what better way to do it that using a famous ship that was just featured at the academy awards, a ship that everybody is staring at. Not enough attention? Let’s stage an accident of 2 men dying at the site. Still no interest in this super secret cargo??? Must be the Kardashians on front page somewhere again. Well, how about we put this cargo on a passenger flight and then make it dissapear. I mean, that must get SOME attention, right? It would have been just too simple to ship this SUPER SECRET CARGO on a military ship or plane to a military base of Diego Garcia. They needed soem publicity!!!!

  • selective reader

    :-8 LOL :-8 just look at the “Source”…. Sorcha Faal bullshit

    • SlackerSlayer

      Figures. Hey folks, this article is Gar-Bage.

  • Damien

    Now that the plane is found, and we know that none of the crazy shit written in this story is true, I invite everyone to check the source of the story before you add your valuable comments. If it points to the whatdoesitmean.com, know that you’re reading fantasies of a known shill Sorcha Fall aka David Booth. Keep on reading if you think it’s entertaining, but do not ever believe what you read.



    • Daren

      The airline says the gave the manifest to the police, which means if any of you got an attorney to file murder charges due to negligence against the airline, your attorney would subpoena the evidence (the cargo manifest) and the police would have to provide it to your attorney. Companies don’t respond to people, they only respond to attorneys and lawsuits.

  • http://manaamathiri.blogspot.com adam

    jfk case ?
    9/11 Intelligence black out. ?
    Osam Missing nearly a decade. ?

    21st Century “AFTER COLD WAR” give us a Break.pls

  • Karen



    Who knows the truth or story to cover the fact?

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