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How Dead Space 4 Should Be

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Unfortunately as everybody already knows, EA has cancelled Dead Space 4 temporarily and God knows when they’re gonna make up their minds and release this sequel.

EA’s pretext was that Dead Space 3 didn’t sell good enough and for them good enough means “at least 5 million game copies”. Unfortunately for Dead Space fans, as of May 2013, the game “only” sold 605,000 copies. By March 2014, probably 1 million or more but there’s no official data on that. In any case, EA has games in its possession which barely sell, a lot worse than Dead Space 3 but they still keep releasing sequels to them.

The problem with Dead Space 4 is that people were too disappointed in Dead Space 3 because the game wasn’t as horror as the first two and because new action fighting styles have been added into the game. Some even complained about the universal ammo and about the weapon customizations. While the lack of horror is indeed somewhat true (because there is still some horror here and there), weapon customizations were really fantastic. You could make your own weapon exactly the way you want to and there are hundreds of combinations.

Some people, including die-hard Dead Space fans dislike the idea of even having a Dead Space 4 to begin with. Their basic argument is that in Dead Space 3 Awakened, Isaac and Carver crashed their ship on that evil moon and died and that there is no story left for Dead Space 4. Furthermore its argued that the 3 moons ate our blue planet up and….. basically that’s it, the story should end….?

But should it? Really!? You people have no imagination… Dead Space really has such a beautiful storyline that it can be improvised so easily… You want a possible scenario for Dead Space 4? Here it is!

In case Dead Space 4 was ever to come out, here’s how it should be:

Isaac and Carver crashed their ship on that evil moon and but survived AGAIN (yeah I know, but heck, why not!? it’s just a game!!! and really fun to play also!!) and they were only left unconscious for a few minutes, but not dead. Carver wakes up first and finds Isaac sleeping and mumbling about Ellie and necromorphs and doomsday, etc

As soon as Isaac wakes up, he tells Carver that they have to go to Earth ASAP and save Ellie. After, arguing a bit about it, Carver tells Isaac not to go to Earth, but instead to run away as far as possible, Isaac tells Carver, “come on man, what would you do if it was your wife? Wouldn’t you want to save her? Well, consider Ellie as a wife for me, I really need to save her”. Finally Carver gives up, they both go down to Earth to look for Ellie. As soon as they land, they are caught in complete but very slow chaos and destruction everywhere as the moons are slowly consuming all life on Earth! Slow devouring would be a very key factor here because it will create more suspense.

Now after a few fights here and there, bla bla bla, they finally manage to find and save Ellie and a couple of other people. They then find their ship was either stolen by thugs or wrecked by some random accident. Now they have a new quest to find a new ship so they can escape Earth and go somewhere, anywhere, to find a new Earth-like planet and ensure their survival and humanity’s own survival.

Instead of finding a normal ship they find a planet cracker and they (Isaac, Ellie and Carver and their families or whats left of them) save a few thousands of people and take them on their ship. Before fleeing, they all agree on trying to save Earth, however after a big fight they only manage to destroy only one moon as their efforts are simply too late. After failing to save Earth, they now flee for their lives into the unknown abyss with the quest of finding a new planet hopefully undiscovered and unknown by the monster moons.

Some random scientist secretly takes a Marker sample to the ship for studying it and better understanding what it really is, where does it come from, what exactly is its purpose and how it can be finally stopped (just like the aliens did).

On board the mothership hell breaks loose again just as soon as they find a new habitable planet and they are nearing it.

Isaac manages to kill all necromorphs onboard, including the scientist who brought the marker sample, who becomes a super-boss necromorph monster, except for one necro who developed intelligence and not just craziness and hunger. This necro has hidden throughout the whole Dead Space 4 gameplay, showing up only a few times, watching Isaac from the dark and studying his actions and movements, etc. A couple of times, Isaac actually sees him but he either manages to escape or Isaac just thinks he’s hallucinating again.

Now after the battle is over onboard the ship, they finally land on the newly discovered planet which is very different than ours but very beautiful and similar in some ways also. Only a few dozens of men and women survived the battle and the conversions to necromorphs. Now as soon as they land and everyone gets outside the ship, Ellie sees that only necro who survived, holding the piece of marker in its hands and looking at the survivors from distance (he’s already outside, in some forest or something). She then shows it to Isaac, and they all see it and start running towards it to kill it but it runs away and manages to escape.

And that’s how Dead Space 4 should end, leaving room for a new Dead Space 5 of course where the smart necro who escaped, raised a new army of bizarre alien-necros to fight against the settlers for revenge! That’s all, a few years later and during that time, people accommodated on the new planet, had tons of children and built a city.

After Dead Space 4 and Dead Space 5, EA shouldn’t persist on keeping Isaac any longer as people want a new character. I won’t necessarily kill him or turn him into a necromorph or something that would probably upset everyone, I would just RETIRE HIM not as an old man but just as an alcoholic kind of guy who doesn’t want to have anything else to do with this necro-stuff anymore “no matter what!”.

In Dead Space 5, you can even play the smart necromorph instead of playing a human hero and be the bad guy. The necro should be able to regenerate its health instead of picking up and using health packs. If playing the necro, you could upgrade your weapons (claws and stuff), armor, attack speed, be able to move through vents, having the ability to turn others into necros and control them, etc,

So you start off having to kill a soldier who is to heavily injured to fight back and before you turned necro, he was your friend as you will get that from an audio log he drops that remains probably unreadable until your finish the prologue and have an accesable inventory.

Moving on to Dead Space 6, meanwhile humanity colonized more planets in various galaxies but some still kept in touch while others didn’t. Dead Space 6 should begin with some random character sent by some random general or something to call for Isaac to help them save their galaxy, bla bla… bla..? Isaac refuses categorically, more bla bla bla!!?!? Then finally BLA!!! BLA BLA!!! You decide you don’t need him, he’s a pathetic junkie, alcoholic, bla bla… and you decide to save the world by yourself and that’s it! That’s how you make an easy and smooth transition towards a new character but doing that in Dead Space 4 would be too soon.

Our new Dead Space hero could occasionally go back to Isaac, ask him for advices on necro-stuff (because he’s an expert after all) but that’s it, nothing more than that, as probably everyone got bored of playing with Isaac over and over again. Occasionally in Dead Space 10 or something, they could bring Isaac back into the main role but not too soon though as people really want a new character.

Dead Space 3 was a brilliant game! This game is not only fun to play, but it may be scary also, depending on your age and besides the story was quite good.

Why should EA end Dead Space just cause some kids didn’t like it? Who cares!?!? For EA, its just profit, for us, it’s fun to play… here at XtremLevel (now bought and owned by the EUTimes) we really enjoyed this game along with Dead Space 1, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3’s DLC, Awakened! We love all Dead Space games equally!

That’s it, I hope you guys liked it, I think there should be a lot more twists to it than this but I just tried to make this scenario as short as possible.

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