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Drones to chemtrail cloud seed for rain in U.S. by year-end

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Meteorologist Jeff Tilly recently did an interview with CBS News explaining how his cloud seeding rain generator would be equipped on drones by the end of 2014 Tilly maintains his invention will eliminate some of the current drought issues farmers have been experiencing in recent months.

According to Tilly, the drones will be able to deploy tiny particulates of silver iodide into cloud systems, causing them to either make rain or snow artificially.

Shockingly, CBS even admitted that weather modification technology has been in use for quite some time. An excerpt from the article dated Feb. 26, 2014, written by Bigad Shaban reads:

Piloted planes have also been used in cloud seeding for more than 60 years. They can produce an additional 1 billion gallons of water for every 25 to 45 hours of flying, but have to stay above the clouds for safety reasons.

Tilley says drones can fly through clouds and stay in the air longer, producing even more precipitation for communities devastated by drought.

This is absolutely astonishing, the mainstream media is now openly admitting that weather modification programs exist and will be conducted by UAV’s by the end of the year. It’s also important to point out that the State of Nevada has already approved drone testing.

But make no mistake, weather wars have already begun. You see, typically this type of technology was always made exclusive to the military, but now we will see how it plays out in the public domain.

In fact, according to multiple reports, including one by dutchsinse (above video), not only the U.S. is in on this. China is now planning to use drones for weather modification purposes as well. Apparently, the Chinese government believes that drone cloud seeding technology can be used to clean pollution from the skies over cities like Beijing.


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